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The people experience advantage

How companies can make life better for their most important assets

Organizations today must focus on their people more than ever before. Economic and financial pressures, amplified by changes brought on by the pandemic, have created the most competitive labor market in years. And as remote and hybrid working arrangements continue to be popular, employers must navigate a bifurcated working environment and deal with a host of new challenges.

As part of our newest Capgemini Research Institute report, The people experience advantage: How companies can make life better for their most important assets, we explored how employees view their own experiences at their organizations and how companies can improve these experiences to create a business advantage. We surveyed 2,250 individuals from 750 organizations to see their perspectives on people experience. What we found is a striking disconnect across employees of different seniority levels; while 92% of leaders believe that their employees are largely happy, only 30% of employees say they are happy at work.  
This statistic is part of a perception gap in employee experiences. We see that, in many organizations, employees are dissatisfied on multiple dimensions. Yet, leaders are largely unaware of this being the case. Considering this gap in the context of current business dynamics, it’s clear that organizations need to urgently prioritize people experience to stay competitive. Furthermore, we find that a positive people experience can benefit all aspects of an organization – including productivity and retention, branding, and customer satisfaction.
Along with presenting in-depth research and insights on this topic, our report highlights 10 key actions that organizational leadership should take to improve people experience. These include recommendations in the areas of leadership, culture, organizational practices, and technology.
To read more about people experience and its growing significance within organizations, download the report.

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Claudia Crummenerl

Global Head of Workforce and Organization, Capgemini Invent
Recognizing the importance of people in business transformation, Claudia works with clients to reinvent the employee experience through data and technology. She uses her expertise in the people perspective of digital to understand how leadership in the digital age is evolving, how talent and workforce productivity can be transformed through automation and AI, and how to effectively engage employees throughout the transformation process.

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