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The metaverse: Friend or foe to the CMO?

A meshing of virtual and physical worlds is creating new challenges and opportunities for marketers searching for deeper customer intimacy.

Ever-greater use of technology, to build ever-deeper relationships with customers has changed the role of chief marketing officers (CMOs) over the past decade. Now, the next new technology trend is creating fresh opportunities and challenges for data-savvy CMOs looking to extend customer intimacy: Welcome to the metaverse!

The emergence of the metaverse is crucial for CMOs because it’s likely to impact the scope of work they do and the experiences they deliver. It will enable brands to create distinctive, unique, and hyper-personalized experiences for customers. This potential, which is built on technologies like Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, and others, will add a lot of complexity for CMOs, who will need to use yet more technology and data to extend their programs to build customer engagement.

As the metaverse moves from hyped concept to a developing marketing channel, CMOs should be able to seize the growth opportunities for their business.

Download this insightful Point of View – The metaverse: Friend or foe to the CMO? from Capgemini experts to learn more on the metaverse, technology trends, their impact on various sectors, challenges, and opportunities.