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TechnoVision 2023: Trends for Business Decision-Makers

With every business now being a technology business – or ‘Technologyϵ϶Business’ as we like to put it in TechnoVision – technology is an integral, fully entangled part of whatever business scenario pans out.

However, the anticipated scarcity of everything and the increasing scrutiny on climate impact means it is now vital for everyone to tune and optimize business operations by using less resources while being more sustainable. Many technologies described in TechnoVision 2023 are of major help here.

TechnoVision 2023: Right the Technology, Write the Future

From the cloud to artificial intelligence and onto the Metaverse, the technological options open to business leaders today are dazzling. What’s clear amongst this plethora of choices is that technology is now a fully entangled element of whatever business scenario pans out.

As business leaders, CXOs have the authority and responsibility to ensure their organizations thrive. They also have an obligation to understand how technology can play a key role in the growth of their company. This is their opportunity to – as our motto for this year’s TechnoVision report implies – Right the Technology, Write the Future!

TechnoVision categorizes technology trends into six containers, offering a snapshot of innovation from different perspectives (the “what”) – ranging from user experience and collaboration, via data and process automation, all the way to infrastructure and applications.

A seventh container offers a series of overarching design principles to successfully apply the trends and create transformational impact (the “how”). These principles help to build a sharp mindset, ready for any portfolio, program, project, architecture, innovation initiative, or idea.

  • You Experience – Delivering immersive and highly personalized, seamless user experiences across customers, employees, and even partners.
  • We Collaborate – Working together in new, different, and disparate ways across organizations and sectors, with mesh-style, loosely coupled collaboration.
  • Thriving on Data – Using data to power superior customer experiences, highly tuned operations, and smart, self-optimizing products and services.
  • Process on the Fly – Exploiting breakthroughs in intelligent automation and touchless execution to reduce inefficiencies and focus on areas that create value.
  • Applications Unleashed – Creating a finely tuned portfolio of services that are highly accessible and easy to connect, both inside and outside the organization.
  • Invisible Infostructure – Building an IT infrastructure that’s omnipresent and that securely manages networking, compute, data, application services, and devices.
  • Balance by Design – Balancing the interests of stakeholders across short and long term, centralized and decentralized, friendly and authoritative, purposeful and spontaneous.

Towards a more sustainable future

TechnoVision 2023 brings fresh thinking to address the key technology business issues of today, and it should help you design, plan, and get the future your organization wants.

It is your guide to what’s coming next, but it’s also much more than an annual trends document: we recognize that developments in technology are in a constant state of flux.

As a continuation of TechnoVision 2023, we’re planning for a steady release of Sector Playbooks throughout the year that show the impact of technology trends and industry-specific opportunities.

We want to help your business to thrive and grow. TechnoVision 2023 is our guide to the technology trends that will enable your organization to reach its potential. We can’t wait to hear what you achieve.

For your technology leaders and practitioners

This shorter executive edition of the report is supplemented by a wide-ranging CIO report that delves into those containers and describes 37 technology trends in detail. Practitioners can use these detailed descriptions to understand how emerging technologies might be applied in their businesses. For more, check out our CIO edition.

TechnoVision along with a trends report is also an implementation guide helping Business and Technology leaders to engage in a dialog. For more, check out our Applying TechnoVision guide.

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