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Powering Change

How Batteries Can Foster the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Climate change is the issue that defines our time. New regulations and decarbonization goals are driving innovation in every sector. Nowhere is this truer than in the automotive industry.

The reason is simple: electric vehicles stand at the forefront of advanced battery technology. Progress here can put an end to a century of fossil-fuel dependence and transform society for generations to come.

From raw materials and assembly to second-life and recycling solutions, there are opportunities in change. A sustainable strategy for batteries with immediate goals and long-term relevance can accelerate growth for businesses worldwide. Your next cycle could be the most energized to date. Simply give your capacity for imagination a boost.


For over 50 years, Capgemini has used transformative tech and expert insight to deliver a more sustainable future for partners worldwide. We’re committed to ensuring companies overcome the most significant challenges to our way of life. Today, that means climate change and the hurdles before decarbonization. With our resources and supply chain know-how, we are uniquely positioned to provide OEMs with strategies that can capitalize on the growing relevance of electric vehicles and advanced battery technology.

Powering Change:
How Batteries Can Foster the Electric Vehicle Revolution

A Burgeoning Market Shaped by Major Trends…

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Sebastian Tschödrich

Vice President | Global Head of Automotive, Capgemini Invent
I have been working in automotive consulting for 14 years, with experience in Europe and China. Currently based in Munich, I am responsible for the global automotive consulting business and part of the global leadership team at Capgemini Invent.

Dr. Philipp Haaf

e-Mobility Specialist, Capgemini Invent
As the Head of Electric Mobility at Capgemini Invent, Philipp Haaf is an acknowledged thought leader in electric mobility. He draws on 11 years’ experience in this rapidly changing area to help automotive OEMs and suppliers seize what he describes as the infinite opportunities of digital transformation.

Simon Schäfer

Manager at Invent Germany
I am a Manager in the Automotive area of Capgemini Invent. With 7 years’ experience in product development, e-mobility and project management I support customers mainly in Electric Mobility and Development projects.