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ORAN 2880 x 1800
5G and Edge

Advancing Connectivity

A guide to Open RAN success

Open RAN (O-RAN) marks a significant change in how mobile networks are built. It allows service providers to build the most capable and cost-effective networks possible, by mixing components from different vendors, instead of being forced to use proprietary ones. This offers telecom companies potential cost savings and other benefits, like better network performance, and reduced supply chain and operational risks.

 However, moving to this multi-vendor model brings its own set of challenges, particularly in integrating different systems and managing the network effectively. So, how do you make Open RAN work… and work well?

 In this point of view, you will take a closer look at Open RAN technology – its transformative potential, major challenges, what it will take to build, and what it means for the telecom industry.

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