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Sustainable Futures Performance


Operationalizing sustainability to move businesses from advocacy to proven impact

Increased regulatory requirements, evolving consumer demands, and investor pressure are driving the need for more transparency and proof of action. How executives respond to these pressures profoundly affects the resilience, competitiveness, and perhaps the survival of their organizations.

Data-driven decision-making is critical to achieve sustainability goals. To steer, measure and predict environmental and social impacts, organizations must harmonize corporate-level strategy (top-down) with operational realities (bottom-up). End-to-end capabilities need to be set up across processes, organization, data, and technology.

With Sustainable Futures Performance, we empower our clients to accelerate sustainability transformation across their entire organization, from strategy to operations, at scale. We achieve this with our flagship asset, the Sustainable Futures Performance Tool, putting you in the driver’s seat with comprehensive ESG data-driven insights.

“We‘re moving into a world where ESG impact and mitigation are no longer just a necessity, but also a differentiator. Success lies with transparency and accurate measurement across your organization, validating progress in real time to guide impactful decision making.”

Noémie Lauer, Global Head of Sustainability at Capgemini Invent

Our approach towards sustainable performance management

Our unique combination of sustainability, technology, data, science and engineering experts, coupled with deep industry knowledge, empowers our clients to bring to life a holistic sustainability ambition across their entire organization and value chain. Harnessing our proven methodologies and distinctive assets, we excel in building global, end-to-end data platforms, serve as industry leaders in climate disclosures standards and ESG regulations (CSRD, etc.), and have forged a distinctive vision and value proposition through strategic partnerships.

Our collaborative approach spans five pillars, offering tailored solutions based on clients’ current capabilities and maturity level:

  • Predict ESG Trajectory: Anticipate, steer, and adapt corporate strategy toward a sustainable and resilient business model.
  • Measure Carbon Footprint: Measure carbon footprint at both a granular and operational level across your value chain 
  • Mitigate ESG Risks: Model physical and climate risks to anticipate impacts on activities and take relevant actions 
  • Report Mandatory ESG Disclosures: Consolidate reliable ESG data for transparent reporting supported by operating model transformation 
  • Improve ESG Communication Strategy: Monitor communication alignment with targeted communities and enhance the perceived value of sustainable actions  

Sustainable Futures Performance Management Tool

Our flagship asset, the Sustainable Futures Performance Management Tool, brings to life the capabilities that sit behind these five pillars, placing you in the driving seat to dynamically steer your sustainable performance. Through 360° data-driven insights, the tool empowers CxOs to move from advocacy to action and prove ESG impacts.

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Client stories

Our experts

Noemie Lauer

Global Head of Sustainability at Capgemini Invent
Noemie leads our Sustainability teams across Capgemini Invent, empowering organizations to thrive in the next economy through sustainable business transformation. With expertise from strategy to execution, she collaborates closely with clients, seamlessly integrating consulting, design, science, data, technology, and engineering. Noemie is dedicated to accelerating the transition to a more sustainable world, supporting clients to thrive in this ever changing business landscape.

Aurelie Lustenberger

Sustainable Futures Performance, Global Offer Lead at Capgemini Invent
Aurélie supports organizations on their sustainable transformation journey. From defining the data strategy for ESG performance to implementing reporting to steer ESG trajectory, she leverages data and analytics to drive sustainable business value for her clients.