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Inventive Insurer


Don’t just follow the pack – lead it.

Evolving customer expectations, new types of risks, emerging technologies, and technology-savvy new entrants are changing the insurance market in a dynamic and powerful way. Traditional insurance business models are not enough to capture new markets, defend market share, or simply survive the shifting landscape.

Currently, gaps exist between emerging risks and the coverage offered by the legacy insurance portfolio, resulting in customers demanding products that provide comprehensive coverage. Policyholders are interested in new insurance models and are increasingly willing to share their personal data to get personalized products and services that meet their lifestyle needs and help them mitigate risks.

But established carriers cannot produce the speed and scale of innovation needed to address these changing customer needs. Their existing business models are incapable of developing ecosystems that can make collaboration with InsurTechs and other third parties possible. For that to occur, traditional operating models must evolve to be leaner and smarter, incorporating new ways of thinking, working, and collaborating to sustain market share.

Established carriers and new entrants alike will need to be Inventive.

At Capgemini, we believe that carriers need to embrace and adopt the capabilities of the Inventive Insurer to be successful in this dynamic environment.

The Inventive Insurer Orchestrates Four Core Capabilities to Face the Headwind of Competition

Inventive insurers mitigate the passive and thrive on the dynamic.

To become an Inventive Insurer, a carrier will need to understand customer expectations and market trends, and also build the right ecosystems and create the right partnerships to invent the future at speed and scale.

Inventive Insurers leverage data to exceed customer expectations and create a personalized customer experience. Their operating models enable them to agilely incorporate ecosystem partners and new technologies. They devise innovative new products and services that capitalize on fast-changing trends using intelligent automation and compelling CX design.

Inventive Insurers lead the insurance industry into the future and push the envelope in an ever-changing landscape.

Why settle for an established safety net when you can invent a new, future-proven one?

Capgemini’s Inventive Insurer approach brings the Capgemini Group’s dexterity together to deliver the next generation of digital insurance business models, including skills in strategic innovation, creative design, and intelligent operations. Our deep strategic and technological expertise accelerates the development of breakthrough ideas and irresistible customer engagements.

Our out-of-the-box model platform can create, test and scale the capabilities that form the basis of competitive advantage, enabling deeper customer connections and growing your business with innovative and market-leading products and services.

Now is the time to leave the established dogmas behind and become open, product-agile, intelligent, and customer-centric. In other words: it’s time to disrupt the disruptors.

Don’t just set the bar – reinvent it.


Data is a mainstay for insurance organizations, but becoming data-powered is easier said than done and competition from InsurTechs is on the rise. So, how can insurance organizations transform into data-powered enterprises? We wanted to find out.

Insurers must blend physical and digital distribution models to provide superior customer experience in a post-pandemic world.

The World InsurTech Report 2021 from Capgemini and Efma explores the impact of exponential InsurTech growth and customer adoption on the insurance industry. Discover how insurers address this trend and should prepare for two scenarios we predict in the InsurTech era.

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