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FINOPS Services

Take back control of cloud costs with FinOps

The cloud offers organizations infinite possibilities. But with infinite possibilities comes the risk of infinite spending. As more enterprises achieve large-scale cloud transformation, cost management and governance are becoming increasingly crucial, but many organizations lack the capacity, tools, processes, or expertise to achieve this.

We help our client achieve more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable cloud.

Your 3-steps FinOps journey

Capgemini’s FinOps service offering helps you regain control of cloud costs, combining our experience in cloud transformation and cost management best practices with our tried-and-tested methodology. Our proven 3-step approach to FinOps will get you on track to building a more efficient, cost-effective, sustainable cloud – and fast:

  1. Assessment :- In the first phase, a 360-degree assessment of public cloud resources and cost inventory is conducted, followed by opportunity analysis and an optimization roadmap.
  2. Governance Setup :- The second phase helps set up FinOps capabilities, adapt the FinOps governance and operating model, and implements initial optimizations.
  3. FinOps-as-a-Service :- The third phase includes implementing FinOps-as-a-Service and enabling continuous identification and execution of optimization activities.

Research and insights

The cloud offers organizations infinite possibilities. But with infinite possibilities comes the risk of infinite spending.

The Capgemini Difference

  • Global expert FinOps practitioners backed by our global cloud delivery
  • End-to-end cloud economics, from business case to optimizing cloud waste to FinOps managed services
  • Strong partnerships with hyperscalers and leading cloud-cost-management tool providers
  • A combination of FinOps expertise across application, infrastructure, public/private/hybrid cloud, and legacy data centers
  • Partnership based on shared success, connecting your financial business objectives with our success
  • End-to-end value realization integrated FinOps across all stages of your cloud transformation – offering end-to-end cost management
  • Unique IP and proven FinOps expertise gained from over 100+ cloud transformation, business case, and FinOps engagements across all sectors, backed by Capgemini’s unique IP

Client Stories

Expert Perspective

By Terence Yip
27 Jun 2023

By Thomas Sarrazin
3 Apr 2023

Meet your experts

Thomas Sarrazin

Global FinOps Offer Leader, Cloud Infrastructure Services, Capgemini France
Thomas is a seasoned leader in cloud infrastructure, with a proven track record of driving innovation in the information technology and services industry. As the Global FinOps offer leader, he leverages his extensive experience in engineering and cloud solution design to deliver robust, cost effective, and scalable solutions. Thomas is adept at aligning business processes with technology, conducting comprehensive requirements analysis, and implementing enterprise software and architecture. His expertise spans e-commerce and enterprise architecture, making him a pivotal figure in transforming IT landscapes and enabling digital transformation.

James Dunn

Global Cloud Portfolio Lead at Capgemini