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Data-Driven R&D

Enabling breakthrough innovations at speed and at scale, all powered by data.

Designed by researchers, for researchers, this comprehensive set of data tools has grown out of years of lessons learned in the life sciences industry.

Intuitive, malleable tools in the hands of skilled researchers are unlocking a new era of discovery. Designed by experts with experience across the life sciences sector, our Data-Driven R&D (DD R&D) capabilities translate complexity into data you can use, and enable you to turn your innovations into life-changing interventions – quickly and safely.
Our solutions are built to meet the unique needs of life sciences researchers. Where generic solutions register c1ccccc1, our AI developers see a benzene molecule, with all the relevant implications (toxicity, valence etc.).

Operationalize and scale up to realize value

There are many solutions on the market that work with data. We’ve designed a set of tools that work with life sciences researchers.

From inception into production, our fully-integrated, scalable data and AI platforms provide a seamless workflow based 100% around the real-world needs of researchers.

We provide: 

Cloud-ready Platform-as-a-code to industrialize data ingestion, build ML models, and deploy R&D AI applications at scale 

Enhanced industrialization of domain-driven data products and AI solutions with scalable platform or data mesh in hybrid cloud 

Improved insight generation and sharing across organization through our data & AI platforms.

Explore, engineer and generate insights

A new cancer drug underperforms its comparator in 90% of participants. Have you hit a dead end, or are you on the road to developing a life-changing treatment via secondary indication? The right AI tools can uncover trends that could be the difference between canceling a promising new medicine, and bringing it to market.

Experienced data and life sciences experts from Capgemini work with your team to: 
– accelerate R&D cycles 
– improve analytics quality 
– automate complex processes.

Good AI is useful – it helps collocate information, saves time, and adds convenience.

Great AI makes multivariate connections that even the most skilled people would likely have missed. It predicts the efficacy of drugs, and anticipates counter-indications, preventing harm to participants and trial results.

Simplify your data strategy

We provide strategic direction on how to get the most out of your data.

Inaccurate, insecure or disorganized data can take a serious toll on an organization. Our proven data expertise ensures your data is FAIR, can be trusted, and can be leveraged in the drug discovery process to help bring your discoveries to market – quickly and safely.

Contact one of our experts and find out how our data capabilities can further your R&D.

Expert perspectives

Meet our experts

James Hinchliffe

Senior life sciences consultant, Capgemini Engineering Hybrid Intelligence
James has been working with the R&D departments of global companies to release the potential locked away in their data since 2003. He provides clients with strategic advice on their priority IT programmes, consulting with them to develop realistic and achievable roadmaps to deliver real benefit from applying next-generation analytics methods to their data.

Andrew Alderman

Director Life Sciences, Hybrid Intelligence, Capgemini Engineering
Andrew focuses on the connection between life sciences R&D, technology, data and innovation. He has worked with clients from across the life science industry for over 22 years, supporting them on their path to becoming more data driven.