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Client Stories

Business Intelligence at Skandia

– Peter Mejlvang, Head of Analytics, Skandia

“They were really successful prototypes and we were immensely satisfied with the consultants we had from Capgemini Insights & Data. Wonderful personalities, excellent expertise on these tools and exceptionally flexible and easy to deal with, so I have been delighted with our cooperation,” says Peter Mejlvang at Skandia.

Over a period of four years Capgemini Insights & Data has helped Skandia build a variety of solutions in more than 20 joint Business Intelligence assignments. As a result, Skandia has worked systematically to remove many difficult, complex and hard to understand Excel data flows and instead succeeded in automating a lot of its data collection. In addition, they have built several types of dashboards and visualisations that many people can use. The company has consequently not just saved time, they have also obtained data of better quality.

“Today everyone at Skandia has access to Tableau dashboards, but of course not all dashboards are public – most are subject to strict access control. We have noted a roughly 50% annual increase in the number of users over the past three years and virtually every department has its own dashboard.

We have now intensified our drive to review the entire information supply system and Data Governance (the process of handling access, usability, integrity and security for data in a corporate system) and these are really interesting projects that will last a number of years. Alteryx is helping us at present while we wait for an upcoming better solution,” says Peter Mejlvang at Skandia.

One cornerstone was that it should not require specialist IT input but would instead permit self-service and be something that the operation could build, manage and further develop on its own. Today many people in the organisation can obtain their required business intelligence insights from data instead of chasing the IT department or trying to explain what they need. None of this requires the individual to be an IT expert.

“It’s possible to do certain simple things, which virtually anyone can do, but it’s also possible to do very advanced things. Capgemini Insights & Data has helped us with some immensely smart solutions that we ourselves never succeeded in developing,” says Peter Mejlvang.

Long-term cooperation

The joint assignments between Capgemini Insights & Data and Skandia have been very successful. From having previously worked in a very traditional way regarding cooperation between IT and the daily operation, Skandia now works far more intelligently and efficiently. Capgemini Insights & Data has helped Skandia build a variety of solutions, allowing them to develop and refine data and also use the data more effectively. As a result, more people at Skandia outside the IT department have become increasingly data-driven. With more and better knowhow in this field, Skandia has also been able to expand its perspectives and new business opportunities have arisen where Capgemini Insights & Data has been able to help.

”We want to continue working with Capgemini Insights & Data because they contribute the experience they gain from other clients – when you work with just one company you only see your own particular perspective. It’s very useful to bring in people who have a different perspective, people who’ve done this before or who have encountered the same problems in different contexts. So it’s a process of long-term cooperation that carries us a lot further forward,” concludes Peter Mejlvang.