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The Future of Energy Consumers in a Fossil-Free Energy System

The energy system is currently finding itself in a great transition from fossil based to fossil free. This poses some new challenges, but more importantly exciting new opportunities. With the recent years increasing awareness of sustainability and the efforts to transition to a green energy production has made consumers more active in the energy system. They are more concerned about decreasing and steering their consumption to hours of cheap electricity and invest into own small-scale production techniques. The relationship between energy company and consumer is changing and their cooperation is increasing as we are moving into the future of the energy system.

As the general production has a growing part of renewables, the energy price is becoming more volatile. The renewable energy production is also (nearly) OPEX-free as you do not need to buy fuels to burn in the production. This could lead to a future where selling energy has very low, or no, margins.

Electricity will no longer be a commodity with a market price set by the price of the fuels burnt and an added profit margin. Instead, energy companies must turn to innovation and new business models to offer new services and products for their customers.

Capgemini Invent has conducted a market study with key players in the energy sector to get the current view on the consumers role in the future energy system. Read this Point of View to get insights into how the relationship between energy consumer and provider can change and what role the consumer can have in a future energy market.

Meet our expert

Sofie Mannerstråle

Vice President and Head of Energy & Utilities and Head of Sustainability of Capgemini Invent Sweden Denmark, Finland. 
+20 years experience in the energy sector with Management Consulting. Passionate about sustainability, the energy transition and contributing to the development of the future energy market.