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TechnoVision 2020: change making simplified

Digital technology gives everyone involved in running modern businesses an opportunity to change their organizations for the better.

Addressing Technology Business transformation in the COVID-era

The COVID-19 pandemic confronts us with a vast human cost, together with staggering societal, political and economic implications. It has exposed the many existing vulnerabilities that business today face. Through the various stages of the pandemic, technology has brought people together and enabled business continuity.

TechnoVision Change Making, our annual thought leadership, backed by its framework and our proposition of simplicity leads the way, especially in an environment of greater uncertainly. This edition address what businesses need to do to chart their way forward with technology.

Use the TechnoVision framework to inspire and drive the business / technology conversation, devise innovation strategies, digital stories, and IT architectures, and apply the most promising technology trends.

This edition addressing COVID-19, serves as a guide for every organization seeking a tailored road-map out of the crisis, explores a 3-lens scenario towards building a resilient enterprise:

Response – Dealing with the initial impact of the crisis by ensuring business continuity and mitigating direct risk; for many organizations now a done deal, although much of it may continue to apply for a long time

Adjustment – Tuning the Technology Business to the changing reality, which may involve cost-cutting and efficiencies, and shifting to new (virtual) channels and ways of collaborating

Renaissance – Preparing for the bounce-back, which will come sooner or later, including opportunities to scale up activities again and launch new, next-generation products, services and even entirely re-imagined business models

Our theme of Simplification is a crucial business tactic in a complex digital world. New emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, Internet of Things and advanced analytics often cause panic when they should in fact be creating excitement.

So, how can businesses make the most of future technology trends and the complex digital world within which we all live and work?

We believe the answer to this complexity is simplicity. TechnoVision shows how the right consideration, selection, and application of new technologies can simplify any business.

Whatever your sector of operation, and whatever your role within that organization, technology touches all our working lives. All executives now understand that technology can deliver positive outcomes for business and society.

TechnoVision 2020 is your go-to guide for change. It provides a simple but effective way for all business and technology leaders to acquire the knowledge they need. It collects and filters the expert change-making knowledge within Capgemini and generates simple answers to the most complex questions around future technology trends.

Create and run your own TechnoVision sessions with our opensource container building blocks

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Meet our Experts

Ron Tolido

Expert in Insights & Data, IT Strategy Transformation, TechnoVision and Applications Innovation

Gunnar Menzel

“Technology is becoming the business of every public sector organization. It brings the potential to transform public services and meet governments’ targets, while addressing the most important challenges our societies face. To help public sector leaders navigate today’s evolving digital trends we have developed TechnoVision: a fresh and accessible guide that helps decision makers identify the right technology to apply to their challenges.”

Alexandre Embry

VP – CTIO – Head of Capgemini’s Metaverse-Lab and Immersive Technologies
Alexandre Embry is CTIO, member of the Capgemini Technology, Innovation and Ventures Council. He is leading the Immersive Technologies domain, looking at trends analysis and developing the deployment strategy at Group level. He specializes in exploring and advising organizations on emerging tech trends and their transformative powers. He is passionate about enhancing the user experience and he is identifying how Metaverse, Web3, NFT and Blockchain technologies, AR/VR/MR can advance brands and companies with enhanced customer or employee experiences. He is the founder and head of the Capgemini’s Metaverse-Lab, and of the Capgemini Andy3D immersive remote collaboration solution.

Anne-Laure Thieullent

Expert in Big Data Ecosystem, Hadoop