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Resilient_and_sustainable supply chains

Resilient and sustainable supply chains for life sciences

Good for business. Good for patients.

In a 2023 global survey of manufacturing, life sciences, and retail supply chain executives, less than half (46%) reported having the necessary supply chain visibility and resiliency to react to disruptions effectively.*

In the coming years, supply chains are expected to become increasingly disrupted as companies face a growing array of challenges and concerns, including labor shortages, rising materials costs, and compliance violations.

In this environment, we see that life sciences organizations must evolve and transform their supply chain to deliver increased levels of resiliency, agility, and sustainability to meet the requirements of a modern business and serve the needs of patients.

In this way, an Intelligent supply chain becomes a critical enabler of the business and its goals – helping life sciences organizations solve profound and persistent challenges and deliver value for the company and the people it serves.

* IDC: Next-generation B2B integration enables a digital-first, resilient supply chain

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