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Business as usual is no longer an option

Societal and environmental changes have accelerated in recent years. New regulations and preferences are putting pressure on organizations to either reinvent or retire. As such, sustainable strategies and people-centric models are transforming business worldwide. Many leaders are beginning to recognize the need for long-term resilience but are unsure how to achieve this.

With the right holistic strategy, organizations can leverage data and implement a digital transformation that empowers workforces with hybrid models while meeting stakeholder expectations. By actively prioritizing sustainability, organizations can reinvent themselves and meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets that benefit us all. Our report, Reinventing Work and Sustainability: Business as usual is no longer an option is your first step to a sustainable future.


As part of Capgemini, Invent has over 50 years of experience effecting change in leading organizations worldwide. Today, this means leading people-centric transformations that harness data and technology. In an era of hybrid work, this is the only approach that makes sense. As an organization with 11,500 offices in 21 countries across 5 continents, we have intimate knowledge of the global factors we all face. We work with our partners to instill humane, empowering, and engaging solutions while balancing agility, technology, and people.


Business as usual is no longer an option

The proactive approach to change…

Capgemini leads from the front, making the right decisions at the right time. One example of this is our ambition to help our clients use technology to save 10 million carbon tons by 2030. We know the importance of overcoming our era’s greatest threat. Our commitment to reinventing the world of business by implementing sustainable models and practices is an example of that ethos.

Capgemini’s industry expertise is comprised of over 325,000 team members in 55 countries. Our combined experience is our greatest asset. Having been founded over 50 years ago, we have acquired an ability to thrive throughout volatility, adapting and evolving when necessary. With over 30 tactical partnerships, we have the resources to meet challenges great and small.

Every Capgemini initiative is a manifestation of our seven core values: honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, fun, modesty, and team spirit. After careful consideration, these were the values we identified as integral to long-term success. We aim to deliver consistent quality that adheres to sustainable practices while maintaining transparency.

Contact Our Experts

Suzanne Jonas

Senior Manager
Suzanne’s capabilities and expert skills span every phase of product development and reinventing work with an emphasis on sustainability, the employee/customer experience and workplace design.

Max Frank

Senior Manager
Max leads the Sustainable IT offering for the UK’s Sustainability Solutions team. Working with organizations to measure and manage the carbon footprint of their technology estates, as well as to develop sustainability strategies to reduce emissions, Max enables clients to utilize technology for good – modernizing their technology to minimize environmental impact and to accelerate org-wide sustainability initiatives.

Vasilisa Sayapina

Manager, Capgemini Invent
Vasilisa is a sustainable HR enthusiast with an expertise in multiple topics of Reinventing work: talent management, digital upskilling, learning & development.

Josefin Dahlbäck

Josefin is specializing in organizational purpose and strategy, with an emphasis on social sustainability and the people perspective.

Nomi Shmerling

Senior Manager
Nomi works with organizations to excel them toward futures that are reinvented to accommodate new ways of doing business and the reshaping of those behaviors that will drive transformation into new frontiers.