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Mitigating Risk

As the size and impact of an initiative gets larger, so does project risk. This is a very real concern for companies who embark on major initiatives

We understand that project risk can take on many different forms, such as:

  • Technical risks
  • Financial risks
  • Personal or professional risk exposure
  • Performance risk on the part of a service provider or sub-contractor
  • Schedule or timing-related risks

Capgemini’s collaborative approach includes anticipating these risk factors and fostering a high level of predictability, both of which lower the chances of project delays or failure.

Our On-Time and Above Client Expectations (OTACE) program ensures the high quality of service and attention that our clients have come to expect when they work with us. We don’t expect our clients to absorb all the risk: we realize that our client’s projects are OUR projects too, and we accept joint accountability for success.

Together we can make today’s risk tomorrow’s success.

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