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A History of our Founder, Serge Kampf

It’s 1967 in Grenoble, France: Television broadcasts are in color for the first time. The city is buzzing about the upcoming 1968 Winter Olympics. Inspired by these exciting technological and cultural changes, entrepreneur Serge Kampf decides the time is ripe to launch an IT company. And so began the Capgemini story.

During my 45 years at the head of the Group, there are many decisions I don’t regret and some I’m very proud of! In the years to come, I want the Group to stay true to its values and continue to strive to be the best
Serge Kampf
Founder of Capgemini

By 1989, the Group was seen as one of the world leaders in the IT sector. A discreet but influential entrepreneur, visionary, and man of great intellectual rigor, Serge Kampf stood out for his original management methods that made friends of employees and built on his devotion to a collective project.

In 2012, Kampf announced his departure from the presidency of Capgemini, 45 years after beginning his entrepreneurial journey. He passed away on March 15th, 2016, at the age of 81.