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Gro joined Capgemini in 2017 after being headhunted for a role as IT business analyst. She describes herself as an active and sociable person who enjoys helping others grow, a description which is well illustrated by how she spends her free time: as staff-officer within the Swedish Home guard, driving the motorcycle, re-enacting military history and teaching young people how to sail.

Before joining Capgemini, Gro worked at a smaller company. The opportunity to join a larger team of consultants as opposed to working alone was what first attracted Gro to Capgemini. The company’s size did however concern her – while she was happy to join a stable organization less sensitive to market fluctuations, she was afraid to become a cog in the Capgemini wheel. In reality it turned out to be quite the opposite:

–     We are a big company, but the local atmosphere is very familiar, Gro assures. My manager is an amazing individual, very sensitive to people’s needs, and she has supported me a lot in developing and adjusting my career goals. I have had the opportunity to build my brand internally and I feel like anything but just a number.

Since Feb 2020 Gro is working as Scrum Master, and her current team members are scattered across the globe – from China to the USA. The global setting does come with its’ challenges:

–     It is literally impossible to gather everyone during the same time slot; we have had to double-up on the meetings. The pandemic, with everyone working from home, has of course brought additional challenges – I have had to spend a lot of extra time connecting with everyone in my teams.

The extra time with the team has however brought its’ rewards:

–     I have worked in international teams for a very long time, but I think it is just recently that I have felt that I fully understand Indian culture. I now feel that I can bring out the best in everyone, regardless of ethnicity or cultural context. But then that focus is a very natural part of the Scrum Master role.

Gro’s interest in Agile has opened doors to many exciting contexts and learning opportunities, and Gro is making the most of Capgemini’s various global and local networks. In 2021 she got her ICP-ACC certificate as agile coach and she is also a teacher at Capgemini University’s Agile Rocket program, and part of the Swedish Agile Hub:

–     I always enjoy working with my agile colleagues and the learnings that come with the training facilitator role. And then all Capgemini employees have access to a large training platform with structured developmental paths and personal yearly development targets. I can really appreciate how both the formal structures and the people you meet here support my continuous growth.

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