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Consultant, Enterprise Transformation


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“At Capgemini Invent, I have met some of the most ambitious people I will probably ever get the chance to meet. Yet, everyone is humble and helpful.”

Before joining Capgemini Invent, I studied a master’s degree in Engineering Physics at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University and a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at Lund University School of Economics and Management. During my time at Capgemini Invent, I have been given the opportunity to work with clients who are at the cutting of technology and business. I have learned a lot about the industry in Sweden and been able to leverage the theory I studied at university level into practical knowledge.

What made you decide to apply to and join Capgemini Invent?

The ability to combine my interest and background of both technology and business to create value for customers. Capgemini Invent has a unique ability to utilize emerging technologies in a way that brings value to our clients.

Tell us about your role at Capgemini Invent?

Currently I am working on a project for a government agency, delivering a new digital platform. The platform will enable the agency to deliver better services to all citizens in Sweden. Our team is shaping a part of the future for the Swedish welfare system, as it will be adapting to new standards in the 21st century and moving into the digital era.

What makes Capgemini Invent stand out?

For me, it is really about the way you can combine an ambitious position at an acknowledged firm, with your own interests and how you want to shape your future career.

Tell us about something exciting and educative from your career at Capgemini Invent so far

Apart from learning tons of different abbreviation, which you learn in no time I have learned to appreciate working in a high performing team where you are able to utilize different set of skills each member brings. During my time at Invent so far, I have gotten the privilege to work with people with all sorts of backgrounds and competences.

Tell us about Business & Analysis Group (BAG) and your role

BAG is a community which you belong to during your early years at Capgemini Invent. There are several different roles, responsibilities and teams. I am part of our employer branding team for Lund University and Copenhagen Business School. This means I get to organize our student branding events at the two universities. As an example, I was responsible for Capgemini Invent taking part at Arkad, a career fair in Lund with approximately 7000 visiting students.

I am also part of our core team for the Public Services industry, as a BAG role. In this role I get to take part in developing our Public Services industry offering, participate in managing our sales funnel and be involved in and continue building Capgemini Invents strong presence in the Public area.

What characterize the people and culture at Capgemini Invent?

At Capgemini Invent, I have met some of the most ambitious people I will probably ever get the chance to meet. Yet, everyone is humble and helpful. Everyone here takes the time to sit down for a coffee, share their own experiences and give you tips about current or future opportunities.

How does Capgemini Invent support your development?

Capgemini Invent takes great effort in supporting my development. For instance, every employee gets a counselor to support their development. A counselor is a person who is a few steps above your own grade and has the responsibility to support your future career at Invent. My counselor has for instance given me tips and support in how to improve as a consultant and gain more confidence in client situations. A counselor’s role is also to secure your work gets acknowledged.

What is your best advice for a student who dream to start a career in management consulting and at Capgemini Invent?

The importance of case training, it really mimics how we work on a day to day basis as consultants and how you eventually will behave in client situations.

Why should you join Capgemini Invent?

First, you should consider within which area you want to shape your future career and what you want to achieve. If you decide that a career in management consulting is for you, then Capgemini Invent is a firm you should apply to.

What really made me apply and finally accept an offer from Capgemini Invent, is the friendliness and team spirit within the community. As mentioned before, I have some of the most ambitious and intelligent people I have ever met as my colleague, and to be able to leverage skills from them for personal development is really a privilege.

Testimonial given when Emil worked as a Consultant in our Enterprise Transformation capability unit, at Capgemini Invent.

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