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“At Capgemini, there’s a great culture and constant opportunities to develop within your career.”

Tell us about your background and your role at Capgemini Engineering?

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Mittuniversitetet in Östersund followed by an M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management at KTH. During my masters, I took an internship as Product Developer at a start-up. This led to a full-time job as Head of Product, where I oversaw both R&D and production.  
In February 2023 I started at Capgemini Engineering as a Mechanical Designer within the Automotive Sector. Some months later I switched to my current role, Engagement Manager. My role involves managing several projects and ensuring the deliveries. 

What does an ordinary day as a consultant look like at Capgemini?

I usually start the day by riding my bike to work, one of the great benefits of working in the city! My days tend to vary, typically I have daily steering’s in the morning with people in the different projects I manage. The day continues with a variation between internal Capgemini work and client work.

My internal work for Capgemini involves ensuring deliveries of ongoing projects and making project proposals for new ones. My Project Manager role for the client involves leading the work of developing new products. The team consists of Mechanical Designers, who also work at Capgemini, and me. I ensure cross-functional alignment and that we deliver according to client expectations within a time plan. 

How does your work challenge you?

New challenges constantly appear, and this is part of why I love my role. Coming from an engineering background, I did not have deep knowledge of planning or managing a project budget. This has been a challenge that I surprisingly enjoy quite a lot. Technically there are constantly new challenges appearing within the projects I manage. Fortunately, I am surrounded by a team of designers who work together, which is the exciting part of working in a team.  

What characterizes the people and culture at Capgemini?

Exciting, diverse, and driven. At Capgemini, there’s a great culture and constant opportunities to develop within your career. I enjoy working with my Capgemini colleagues at different clients as a team.

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