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Health and Social Care

Despite improvements in the quality of care, a corresponding growth in scale and complexity of needs, along with heightened public expectations for more personalized care, are putting huge pressure on staff and resources across health and care systems across the world.

As the gap between demand and supply grows, digital technologies offer an opportunity to increase scarce clinical and care capacity, enable flexible person-centric services, and reduce friction between care organizations. However, the complexity of systems across multiple health and social care services, and the challenges of legacy technical debt, are proving a barrier to change.

We use data and digital to transform health and social care, from strategy and modelling to intelligent automation, EPR implementation, and product engineering. We deliver sustained value from user-centered design, data-driven innovation, and the transformation needed to scale new models of care.

Bringing cutting-edge technology to Spanish hospitals.

Three Spanish Hospitals use privacy-preserving artificial intelligence to help the speed and accuracy of COVID-19 screening.

What we do

Whether at home, in the community, or in hospital, health and social care must be designed to meet the needs of the individual.

Digital is transforming how people access health and social care, empowering them to manage their own care, wellbeing, and personal data. Citizens are using more digital channels and devices than ever to interact with their care providers.

We adopt a human-centered approach to health and social care innovation, designing accessible front-end solutions. These include intuitive citizen portals and mobile apps through which individuals can make appointments, receive notifications, have video consultations, and even connect their care management to wearable technologies.

From strategy to system implementation and operation, we retain a relentless focus on ensuring people thrive with personalized, accessible, and fully integrated care pathways.

We give health and social care professionals access to the data they need to inform the right decisions at the right time.

In today’s digital workplace, technology and data should make life easier for health and social care professionals to do what they are passionate about. Our game-changing solutions for the digital workplace exploit mobile, low-code and inter-operable technologies, to give staff access to the information and services they need, when they want them.

We advise on and implement state-of-the-art technologies, such as AI-assisted decision support that uses artificial intelligence and data to analyze images and symptoms, and data analytics to help care providers predict levels of need. We help to augment clinical capacity with data-driven tools and build digital platforms that optimize resource scheduling and management of patient flows.

Digital platforms offer a unified, transparent, and secured route to sharing personal information for care decisions and research purposes.

The overriding objective of health and social care providers is to make people’s lives better from the moment they interact with the care system, throughout their treatment and life stages. This is only possible with fully integrated care pathways connecting regional and central care services.

We make this happen with cloud-empowered care management across the world, enabling care coordination and patient management via seamless data exchange. We support the transformation of applications and infrastructure, remediating technical debt and exploiting new cloud services.

We also build and secure the engagement platforms helping integrated care teams to predict, manage, and monitor growing volumes of people with chronic diseases.

Data sits at the heart of health and social care transformation and the delivery of personalized care.

The right data strategy and technology in place to capture, analyze, store, and share information can transform the provision of health and social care.

We build digital data platforms to manage and improve the performance of care systems, creating person-centered care journeys involving healthcare professionals and social caregivers. We help our clients scale new models of care, such as those designed to maximize independent living at home through greater use of data and sensors to proactively identify potential risks. And we help to modernize patient-centric administration by advising on the design, selection, and optimized use of electronic patient records systems.

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Meet our experts

Elin Heir

Sector Lead Healthcare, Norway
“Healthcare is changing fast, with accelerating technological developments, shifting demographics, and medical advances that enable us to treat more patients and more diseases. This puts increased pressure on the economy and our healthcare services. Digitalization and human-centered design are key to raising the quality of healthcare, and making life easier and healthier for both the public and healthcare professionals.”