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Tackling Food Waste

How much food do you waste each week? It quickly adds up to a food mountain that could help to end food poverty. Find out more in our podcast.

According to a recent statistic, 870 million people on the planet are undernourished. At the same time, almost 2.5 billion tons of food produced goes uneaten annually. Clearly there is a huge mismatch between the food we waste and the millions of people who go hungry every day.

Join Capgemini’s Lindsey Mazza, Owen McCabe, Kees Jacobs, and Jean-Baptiste Perrin as they debate ways in which businesses and consumers alike can turn food waste into a food bank for the hungry with show host Liz Lugnier. All four are experts in different fields and contributed to a recent Capgemini Research Institute report Reflect, Rethink, Reconsider investigating the causes and potential solutions to food waste.

From reducing household expenses to cutting supply chain, inventory and packaging costs, the financial implications alone of addressing food waste are significant. Add to this the humanitarian considerations and the fact that the food we waste is a huge emitter of greenhouse gas, and the potential to make a positive difference is clear.

Our experts look at where the problem lies — from food producer to retailer, restaurateur, and consumer — and ask whose responsibility it is. What behavioral changes can we all make to limit food waste? Can technology and data provide a solution?

Want more food for thought? Tune in to our podcast on food waste.

040: Tackling Food Waste Future Sight with Capgemini Invent

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