AI for Financial Services

The AI for Financial Services Team supports initiatives related to Data Management, Cloud Data, Business Intelligence, Visualization, Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI aspirations of Financial Services clients across the globe. We serve a diverse set of Clients that operate within the broad categories of Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance. We work closely with FS SBU leaders and staff to ensure that our efforts and aspirations align closely with market opportunities as identified by our various Market Units across all our operating geographies and the various business priorities established by our relevant Business Units.

In order to bring the best of our capabilities to both clients and prospects, we make an effort to be the tip of the spear by bringing together the offerings from our area as well as our AI COE Partners from across the globe. First, the Team directly supporting AI for Financial Services is a federation of teams that includes the AI and Machine Learning Team under Rajesh Iyer, VP (USA), the Advanced Analytics and 890 Platform Team under Gunjan Aggarwal, Principal, Advanced Analytics (USA) and Dr. Shivani Rai Gupta, Principal, Data Science and Analytics (India).

In addition, the FS teams also collaborate with teams under Padma Shagrithaya, VP Analytics & Visualization (India) and Bala Thiruvenkatachari, VP AI CoE (India), Marek Sowa, Head of Intelligent Automation, etc. Given this unparalleled ability to effectively collaborate across AI and cognate teams across the breadth of the entire Capgemini organization, we feel confident that we are equipped to serve clients, both big and small, regardless of their maturity levels, enterprise fuction involved, etc

Capital Markets & Wealth Management

Capital Markets & Wealth Management

Regardless of the constant volatility within capital markets, investment banks, sell-side,...