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Transforming business operations to deliver the connected enterprise

Join Capgemini at the 24th Europe Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week in Lisbon

May 13–16, 2024 | Estoril Congress Center, Lisbon

Shared Service Outsourcing Network (SSON) is hosting its 24th annual Europe Shared Services and Outsourcing Week (SSOW) in Lisbon on May 13–16, 2024, at Estoril Congress Center. More details on the event can be found here.

Focusing on the GBS and Shared Services sector, the event boasts a lineup of over 150 renowned speakers and business leaders. This is an unmissable opportunity to connect with industry pioneers and stay up to date with the latest trends and the most recent transformation narratives in the industry.

Meet our experts at booth #52 to experience how Capgemini’s intelligent, connected solutions can drive sustainable business outcomes, enhanced value, and continuous innovation across your organization.

Capgemini Keynote Session

A panel discussion on the future of GBS: how to elevate the value and strategic positioning of a GBS organization in the age of Gen AI

Date: May 14, 2024
Time: 2:05–2:35pm GMT
Venue: Big Idea Stage

In the digital age, post-pandemic reality and economic headwinds, Global Business Services organizations need to revisit their target operating models to navigate disruptions effectively, drive transformation and digitalization, create end-to-end value, and enable customer-centric process flows across their organization to deliver business outcomes.

The future of GBS lies in its ability to help organizations seamlessly orchestrate an intelligent, connected ecosystem of people, processes, data, and technology – with AI, analytics, and GenAI at its heart – to drive sustainable business outcomes, enhanced value, and continuous innovation. This, in turn, enables organizations to transition to – what we call – the Connected Enterprise. By embracing intelligence and digitization, GBS ensures relevance, elevates its strategic positioning and success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Join key GBS leaders and Dorota Góral-Abram from Capgemini for this session where our panel members will exchange insights and share their own experiences, guiding your future strategic pivots towards implementing intelligent GBS.

The session explores the transformative potential of a GBS organization and its role in shaping business to drive competitive advantage and value through answering questions such as:

  • What is the GBS model of the future?
  • How can GBS support enterprise transformation?
  • What bets must GBS leaders take to become future ready?

The future of Global Business Services is insights-driven, intelligent, and fully digitized.

Dorota Góral-Abram
Vice President, Head of Europe South Central and COO Europe & APAC, Capgemini’s Business Services
Jan Babst
Group CIO and Global Business Services, OMV
Jan Babst
Group CIO and Global Business Services, OMV
Phil Priest 
Head of Global Business Services, Rolls Royce
Phil Priest
Head of Global Business Services, Rolls Royce
Lizzy Bowling
Executive Director, Head of Strategy and Service Management Global Business ServicesAstellas Pharma Europe
Lizzy Bowling
Executive Director, Head of Strategy and Service Management Global Business ServicesAstellas Pharma Europe
Reto Sahli SVP and Chief Information Officer, HAVI Supply Chain
Reto Sahli
SVP and Chief Information Officer, HAVI Supply Chain

Capgemini Workshop Session

Elevating the role of GBS in delivering enterprise-level outcomes across your organization

Date: May 14, 2024
Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm GMT
Venue: TBC

As new technology and generative AI continues to change the way we think and do business, GBS is evolving from simply delivering process efficiencies to being an experimental, ideating function that drives actionable insights, enhanced business outcomes, and continuous innovation.
This session shares experiences and key success factors on the role GBS can take in committing to and delivering real enterprise-level outcomes across your organization. We will discuss how you can elevate the value GBS delivers to the wider organization, including:

  • The main enterprise-relevant outcomes GBS can take accountability for
  • How GBS can identify, target, realize, and ensure adoption of these outcomes
  • The outcomes-led frameworks and practices that can inspire GBS
  • The critical success factors and key learning points the GBS can adopt to make an outcomes-led mindset more pervasive
  • The role partners take in establishing a more focused outcomes-led approach.
Gerald is an accomplished Global Business Services Consulting, Operations, and Transformation executive with expertise in strategic, financial, operational leadership. He specializes in profitable growth strategies through digital transformation, including robotic process automation, analytics, and user-centric approaches. As a dynamic leader in GBS and transformation, he is committed to value realization and commercial leadership.
Gerald Fass
Business Development Executive UK, Capgemini’s Business Services
Brijesh Patel 
Vice President, Head of IFAO Consulting for Europe and APAC,   Capgemini Business Services
Brijesh Patel
Europe GTM Lead IFAO, Capgemini’s Business Services
Guillaume ROLLIER
Senior Director, Head of Business Services France
Guillaume ROLLIER
Business Development Executive France, Capgemini’s Business Services

The SSON G6 BPO Debate


Date: May 15, 2024
Time: 2:20 – 3:10pm GMT
Venue: Big Idea Stage

The SSON G6 BPO Debate is a strategic yet neutral platform that brings together GBS, Shared Services, and BPO to help shape a common industry agenda. Building on the success of the G6 debate at the recent North American and European SSOW events, we’ve elevated the intensity of the debate at SSOW Europe 2024 with rigorous questioning on new services, innovation, and capabilities. Leading C-Level executives will be put in the spotlight to respond to challenging issues and share perspectives on the evolution of BPO and the collaboration between GBS and BPO.

Anjali Pendlebury-Green Executive Vice President, Head of Europe (North Central) for Capgemini’s Business Services Global Business Line
Anjali Pendlebury-Green
Executive Vice President, Head of Europe (North Central), Capgemini’s Business Services
Business operations

HFS Research shares its perspective on our vision to deliver the new era of connected business operations.

Our solution

Our Frictionless Finance solution delivers next-generation, AI-augmented order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay, record-to-analyze, and analytics. It enhances efficiency, and brings top-line growth to your business.

Our Intelligent Supply Chain offer transforms your supply chain from a cost center into an integrated, frictionless function that delivers competitive advantage and enhanced value across your business.

Our Intelligent Process Automation offer leverages a unique and differentiating approach that encompasses an end-to-end perspective from ideation to production.

Our Intelligent People Operations helps you deliver an intelligent and frictionless “consumer-grade” people experience – while transforming the way you address your talent and workforce challenges.

Meet our experts

Anjali Pendlebury-Green

Global Head of the Intelligent Customer Operations Practice, Capgemini's Business Services
I am an expert in the field of HR Outsourcing and HR Transformation, specializing in delivering HR solutions that leverage global outsourcing platforms, leading edge technology, stack offers and process standardization. I have led award-winning HRO teams for large multinational companies with a special focus on the manufacturing sector.

Dorota Góral-Abram

Vice President, Head of Europe South Central and COO Europe & APAC, Capgemini’s Business Services
With over 20 years of experience in the business services industry, Dorota has a proven track record of executing growth and cost initiatives. She has a broad transformation expertise and helps clients elevate the value of their GBS organizations by focusing on technology adoption and business outcomes. Dorota is also a member of the Capgemini’s Business Services Executive Leadership.

Gerald Fass

Business Development Executive UK, Capgemini's Business Services
Gerald’s focus is on running the full cycle of multi-functional Global Business Services transformation engagements. He has held leadership roles across the strategic, commercial, operational and execution components of client partnerships. Gerald has operated across several industries, including Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Services. He has collaboratively shaped and led client relationships which delivered value through digital, process and operating model transformation; including intelligent automation, analytics and user experience-led approaches. At Capgemini, Gerald runs the Business Services UK portfolio across industries and offerings.

Brijesh Patel

Europe GTM Lead  IFAO, Capgemini's Business Services
With a 16-year track record, Brijesh achieves transformative results for business teams, enhancing customer experience, revenue, margin, and DSO. Brijesh excels in leading competitive consulting practices, delivering complex business and finance transformation programs, and creating unique IP. Brijesh’s expertise spans various sectors, and he is committed to advancing autonomous business processes with Intelligent Automation, AI, and advanced ERP and SaaS technologies.

Xavier Hochet

Business Area Head Europe & APAC, Capgemini Business Services
Xavier Hochet, Head of Europe for Capgemini Business Services, boasts 20+ years of experience in business services. He drives client relationships at CXO levels, delivering innovative solutions and spearheading business expansion in Europe. As a member of the Executive Committee, he shapes Capgemini’s global business services strategy, driving sustainable growth and exceeding client expectations.

Guillaume ROLLIER

Business Development Executive France, Capgemini's Business Services
Guillaume, a Finance & Transformation Director with 20 years of hands-on experience, collaborates closely with CFOs and C-Suite members in dynamic environments. Known for his decisive leadership and business development acumen, he specializes in Finance Transformation, including Shared Services implementation and operational Finance Controlling. With extensive expertise in ERP implementation and management planning, he excels in securing management data and conducting contractual audits. Fluent in French, English, and German, with a specialty in BPO Implementation, CFO Advisory, and Internal Audit.

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