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Mélanie Ceva

Mélanie Ceva

Marketing & Communication Manager (ERD) Based in Geneva!


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Marketing and Communications


Could you please give us an insight into your role and area of operations?

I have been working at Capgemini for 6 months now, as a Marketing and Communication Business Partner for Capgemini Engineering. My role involves increasing brand awareness, implementing comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to the Swiss market, ensuring that our messaging resonates effectively with our target audience and the group guidelines. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, I help with the development of engaging content, organize impactful events, and leverage various communication channels to amplify our brand presence.

How do you think is it important to the success of Capgemini in Switzerland?

“Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.”

Each company needs to have a strong marketing strategy: build confidence, establish credibility and foster lasting relationships with its audience. By differentiating Capgemini’s strengths, demonstrating reliability, and showcasing our expertise, this strategy builds trust among Swiss clients. We have to stay competitive in the Swiss consulting and engineering landscape and position ourselves to maintain a competitive edge in Switzerland’s market.

Could you describe the main requirements of your client(s) and the solution we are providing?

In our role, we engage with two distinct client groups: our internal colleagues and teams, and our external clients. They each have different needs, and what keeps our work exciting is the wide range of projects we handle for diverse groups of people both internally and externally. This variety means we’re always adapting and staying flexible to meet everyone’s needs effectively, innovating and thinking out of the box. It also enables us to grow in our roles.

What are your top three to five priorities in the coming year?

  1. Enhance Capgemini brand awareness in Switzerland by leveraging local content marketing and events. Observe the marketing trends and adapt the strategy.
  2. Improve and maintain the CXO intimacy with our clients.
  3. Learn and gain more hands-on experience, grow personally and professionally within the organization and be ready for any new challenge we can face at Capgemini. Make our company attractive to talent in the swiss market.
  4. Support the various teams and industries with our expertise and vision of marketing in projects.

What do you see as the key challenges that we may face in this area?

Switzerland has a robust consulting landscape characterized by a diverse range of companies across various sectors. The consulting industry in Switzerland is known for its high-quality services, particularly in areas like finance, life sciences, technology, and healthcare. Our goal is to differentiate Capgemini from other competitors and make it more attractive in the eyes of clients, as a top of mind company. We have to position Capgemini as the preferred business and technology transformation partner and strengthen our positioning in the country and prioritizing clients needs.

Any other key information you would like to share about your area of work?

Marketing and communications represents dynamic fields that continually evolve. Predicting new trends, identifying emerging social media platforms, anticipating new problematics are part of our daily challenges and highly contribute to the job’s intrigue. The constant need to think innovatively and stay informed about the latest developments is what makes this role particularly fascinating.

Could you share with us any one thing about you not widely known to the team?

Something that my team may not know, I am a huge passionate about art and drawing. I draw since I know how to hold a pen, this is really helping my creativity in my daily job. Fun fact: during lockdown, I used to draw everyday and I got 150K followers on Tiktok 😊