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2008 Audited results

12 feb. 2009

The Board of Directors of Cap Gemini S.A., chaired by Serge Kampf, convened on
February 11, 2009 to review and authorize for issue the audited financial statements
for the year ended December 31, 2008.

After a fourth quarter up by 3.3% on Q4 2007, the Capgemini Group has recorded
for the full year, revenues growth of 5.0% on a like-for-like basis (constant
Group structure and exchange rates). However on a published basis (current Group
structure and exchange rates), revenues are practically the same as for last year,
due to the strong appreciation of the Euro against the US dollar (+6.9%) and especially
the pound sterling (+16.1%), two currencies which accounted for more than 40%
of the Group’s consolidated revenues in 2007.

Bookings for the year in consulting, technology and local professional services
amount to €6,221 million, up by almost 9% over 2007, and the book-to-bill ratio
is 1.09. Outsourcing has recorded bookings of €3,038 million from which €1,149
million should be deducted following the amicable separation agreement concluded
at the end of the year with EFH, who, having acquired our client TXU, decided
to exercise the change of control clause included in the contract signed with
the latter in 2004. Outside of the effects of the renegotiation of certain major
contracts, total bookings reach €9,259 million, which is a rise of 4% on the comparable
number for 2007.

Operating margin – which is up in all four of the Group’s disciplines – comes
out at €744 million, which is 8.5% of 2008 consolidated revenues, against 7.4%
for last year.

Net other operating expense is €158 million (which includes €103 million in restructuring
costs), leading to an operating profit of €586 million, which is 6.7% of revenues.
After net finance expense of €19 million and a tax charge of €116 million, consolidated
profit for the year amounts to €451 million, or 5.2% of revenues.

2008 acquisitions (in particular Getronics PinkRoccade Business Applications
Services BV) have not weakened the financial strength of the Group, with net cash
of €774 million at December 31, 2008.

Earlier today the Board of Directors decided to recommend the payment of a dividend
of €1 per share( ) at the next General Shareholders Meeting i.e. one third of
Group profit for the year, in line with Capgemini’s dividend policy.

Outlook for 2009

In a climate of high uncertainty, the Group considers that it does not have enough
visibility beyond the first half. For the first six months of the year like-for-like
revenues could see a modest decline. This would only have a limited impact on
the operating margin, which should remain above 6.5% (operating margin for the
first half of 2008 being 7.6%).

Operations by Region:

  • North America: like-for-like revenues are up by 3.4%. The good performance in outsourcing,
    consulting and local professional services more than makes up for the drop in
    revenues in Technology Services, which can be explained by the difficulties in
    the financial services sector, as well as the gradual replacement of local subcontractors
    by the Group’s Indian resources. Operating margin amounts to 5.8%, slightly down
    on 2007.
  • Europe and the rest of the world: Benelux posted like-for-like revenue growth of 11.6% at constant exchange rates
    and perimeters, similar to 2007, and remains the main contributor to Group profitability
    despite a slight drop in operating margin (14.2% versus 15.0% in 2007). France
    is seeing its margin improve by close to 3 points to 7.3%, while its revenues,
    driven by the dynamism of technology and local professional services, have grown
    by 5.4%, slightly above the Group average. The United Kingdom & Ireland region
    has seen its operating margin rise by a point to reach 7.8%, despite a marginal
    drop in like-for-like revenues (-0.5%) due to the planned decrease in revenues
    with HMRC. Excluding this contract, revenues for the region are up by 7% and its
    outsourcing business even posts double-digit growth. The other countries or regions
    are globally up by 7.8% like-for-like, with particularly strong growth in Italy,
    the Nordic countries and Southern Europe; their operating margin is up by almost
    2 points (12.6% versus 10.7% in 2007).

Operations by Discipline:

  • Local professional services (Sogeti Group) has recorded both the strongest growth (+9.1% like-for-like) and the best operating
    margin in 2008 (12.9%).
  • Outsourcing has recorded fine growth of 4.6% thanks to good momentum in all regions, especially
    Benelux and Germany; its operating margin continues to rise, reaching 5.4%.
  • Consulting has recorded the strongest margin improvement (12.8% on 10.5% in 2007); but
    with growth which is weaker than that of other disciplines (2.4%) due to a notable
    weakening over the second half.
  • Technology services has recorded growth of 4.1% but actual growth is two points higher
    when taking into account the growing volume of revenues made for the other Group
    disciplines, outsourcing in particular. Moreover, thanks notably to administrative
    cost control, its operating margin is up by more than a point to 10.2%.


Between December 31, 2007 and December 31, 2008, the headcount grew by 8,113
people, with almost half of new recruitment being carried out in offshore countries.
Essentially concentrated in India, but also in Poland, China, Morocco and South
America offshore employees represented 28% of the total Group headcount (25,275
people out of a total 91,621) on December 31.

Executive Compensation:

Having taken into account the recommendations of the Selection and Compensation
Committee, the Board of Directors has made the following decisions concerning
the compensation of the Chairman and of the Chief Executive Officer:

  • For 2008: The Board has authorized the assessment of the said committee, regarding
    the degree to which Mr. Serge Kampf and Mr. Paul Hermelin have attained the qualitative
    objectives set for them at the beginning of the year, and has therefore retained
    for the calculation of the second variable portion of their 2008 compensation
    a total weighted percentage of 110% for Mr. Kampf and 113% for Mr. Hermelin. The
    first variable portion being automatically determined by the Group’s results in
    a number of general budget areas (including revenues, operating margin and central
    costs…), their variable compensation for 2008 will have been €617,000 for Mr.
    Kampf (110.2% of theoretical variable) and €982,000 for Mr. Hermelin (111.7% of
    theoretical variable).
  • For 2009: The Board has decided to maintain unchanged theoretical compensation
    for Messrs. Kampf and Hermelin (fixed and variable if objectives attained).

The Board has also approved the list of beneficiaries of performance shares,
for which authorization was given by the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders
Meeting April 17, 2008. The Directors decided to add the name of Paul Hermelin,
to whom they have allocated 50,000 shares, which is 3.4% of the total granted.