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Capgemini SAP2Cloud Transformation – reap the full benefits


Are you desperate to move to cloud but uncertain about where to begin? What will your strategy, and roadmap look like? Organizations need the right public SAP to cloud migration solutions to guarantee a smooth transformation for business and enhance business value. Migrating critical workloads to public cloud can help reduce time to market, enhance ROI and stimulate innovation.

Our modular SAP2Cloud transformation services shape the digital core of your operations, helping you reap the full benefits for the future of your operations. This transition is more than an upgrade – it is a response to the new digital world climate where rapid digitization of businesses is fore fronting the necessity to stay ahead of competitors and maximize business value.

As a world leader in ERP and digital transformation, Capgemini possess a depth to our experience and real-world success in building migration strategies to help our clients arrive with ease at a next-generation platform. We have a portfolio of accelerators to help clients operate and innovate in public cloud. Cloud-agnostic and vendor-neutral workloads and applications act as foundation to our services – so you can relax without fear of lock-in. Your cloud strategy will naturally evolve, and it needs breathing room to do so.

Moving traditional SAP architectures to cloud requires a strategic plan to unleash competitive advantage and foster innovation for future growth. We facilitate the development of new services natively in the cloud and manage a hybrid cloud estate with multiple providers.

We employ a range industrialized approaches, to help you make this transition and we consistently drive innovation into our methods through automation and reviewing use-cases. Our SAP2Cloud automation service provides the necessary tools and experience to shift your entire SAP estate to IaaS cloud environment (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).

Capgemini built automation accelerators like Migration as a Code (MaaC), Capgemini Cloud Migration Optimizer (CCMO), Capgemini Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA), as well as automation cockpit and standardized templates for the due diligence and designing phase, deliver a faster, and more optimized deployment experience. CCMA is speedy, accurate and cost-efficient. It lends a predictability to the migration process. MaaC & CCMO helps with the repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with cloud migration, helping our clients increase migration speed and reduce risk. It automates all the SAP product and Database templatized deployment, increases greenfield implementation and migration speed. Both have proved to be effective in delivering quantifiable benefits that advance both business and technical goals.

Disciplined operations and predictable business growth are the main benefits that come with the transition. A simplified IT infrastructure, reduction in costs, improved consumption management, cloud scalability, improved customer engagement, increased agility and flexibility and a relaxation of increasing resource demands will inevitably boost your organization’s capabilities, consolidating change at a deeper level and allowing for a flourishing of business outcomes in the future.

To reap the full benefits by virtue of this transformation, the main questions you need to ask yourself prior to the change are:

  • What are your business objectives and ambitions?
  • What is the maturity level of your organization in different areas?
  • What are your business needs, and security and regulatory constraints?

What’s more, technology only plays a part in this migration – this is an organizational cultural shift and requires a shifting of mindsets to really focus on the outcomes. Successfully implementing cloud is a balancing act of different variables and therefore it can be a disruptive and complex initiative, however, with the right transformation services on deck to craft a unique strategic plan for you, you can be at ease that every small step forward guarantees both short-term and long-term benefits.

Catalyzing innovation through a unique transformation process is the number one way to grow as a business. Capgemini occupies a unique position given its deep understanding of the SAP solutions in the cloud and through its established partnership with hyperscalers to reap greater synergies. We are one of the leaders in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services, worldwide and our partnership with SAP and market giants such as AWS, Azure and GCP helps customers achieve new levels of success.

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Devendra Goyal
Head – Global SAP2Cloud Offer & SAP2Cloud Transformation