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Transform to a service-centric business model.

As more and more industries strive to navigate complex business environments and build a recurring value chain for customers, it becomes imperative to make the shift from being a mere product supplier to becoming an integrated solution provider. This benefits both the equipment supplier, who gets greater customer loyalty and increased customer lifetime value – and the buyer, who gets more predictable costs and a better outcome as the manufacturer is heavily incentivized to ensure the service is provided.

Webinar – Servitization in Action

Our experts explain how servitization is smoothly enabled by our unique approach to digital business transformation

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Move to a service-based business model

Capgemini facilitates an agile move to a service-based approach in a controlled, modular, flexible, agile and risk-mitigated way.

The benefits are multiple, including stable revenue streams and successfully navigating the cost to value dynamics for manufacturers, while offering low TCO, predictable costs and a higher quality service for customers.

Equipment and assets are at the core of servitization but their design, manufacture and service usually have to be adapted to enable the automation of servitized business models. For example, equipment may need to be re-designed to include sensors and network technology so that their usage can be billed and they can be monitored remotely in case of operating problems. Engineers and third-party maintenance contractors will also need information about where the equipment is, its service history, and which spare parts are compatible.

How we can help

With SAP S/4HANA®, SAP Customer Experience®, SAP BRIM, SAP Cloud Platform, Analytics and Asset Intelligence Network (AIN), Capgemini brings together all the components needed for a single, streamlined and world-class servitization model enabling the transformation from:

  • Product offerings to solution offerings
  • Functionality-based solutions to outcome-based solutions
  • Single transaction business to long-term contracts
  • One-off supply dealing to becoming a network partner

Capgemini provides maturity assessments, rapid PoCs, architecture design and industrialized delivery, along with being a true partner on the servitization journey by offering strategic consulting and change management guidance, leveraging on its deep sectoral expertise across manufacturing and service organizations.

Digital Core with SAP S/4HANA®

Embracing the pivotal moment to build the renewable enterprise.

Meet our experts

Elisabetta Spontoni

Expert in Application Lifecycle, Applied Innovation, Digital Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities Innovation, SAP, SAP HANA, SAP S/4 HANA
As Group Offer Leader for Digital Core, I’m responsible for driving the offer lifecycle end-to-end. This entails orchestrating SAP CoEs around the world and enabling them to achieve their missions through pre-sales/solutioning, offer promotion in the market, building Go-To-Market tools, talent management, and project delivery support. I am also the Global Head of SAP practices which is comprised of more than 25,000 consultants around the globe, ensuring unified knowledge management, common methodologies and tools, strategic skills development, common solutions and IP development on innovative platforms, and global deal support.

Aditya Kamalapurkar

Expert in Digital Transformation, Strategy & Transformation

David Lowson

Expert in ERP Implementation, Package Solutions

Jean-Claude Viollier

Expert in Cloud Services, Digital Operations