Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Our ambition is to be recognized as a leading responsible and sustainable company, using our expertise for positive impact. As architects of positive futures, we are committed to focus on three different pillars; Diversity, Digital Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability.

Jens Middborg, Country Manager Capgemini Norway

As part of our ambition to be positive architects of the future, social responsibility and ethical operations is deeply rooted in our DNA. We saw a very good match between Red Cross values and our own and chose them as our strategic partner for corporate social responsibility. The Digital Homework initiative fits perfectly into our ambition to leverage our competence within digital transformation by supporting kids and adolescent to increase their curriculum skills and motivations on a digital arena.”


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Meet our team

Christine Hodgson

Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, Digital Inclusion, Environmental sustainability.

Lucie Taurines

Digital Inclusion, CSR, Financial Services

Anne Violaine Monnie Agazzi

Meet Anne Violaine Monnie Agazzi, expert in CSR, Ethics, Compliance, Integrated Reporting, Finance, materiality

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