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Nordic Future of Technology Forum 2023

On May 30th it is time for the 4th edition of our flagship event Nordic Future of Technology Forum. In this series we connect the Nordics with Silicon Valley and get an opportunity to learn from thought leaders and innovators about entering the next era of digital transformation. We launched this event in 2021 and in this 4th edition we zoom in on Smart Factories and explore what it really takes to create a Smart Factory and how we can leverage data and AI in Smart Factories.

Topics that will be addressed during the event:

  • What values can you get with a Smart Factory?
  • What technologies enable Smart Factories today and what technologies can we expect tomorrow?
  • What steps are needed in order to succeed?
  • What can we learn from those who already started the journey?

You do not want to miss the chance to hear from leaders in this field!

Date and time: 30th May, 4PM CEST to 5PM CEST