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Client story

AI for mining company

AI for international mining & metallurgical company

Building a best in class data & AI factory in B2B manufacturing in less than 1 year

A major international Mining & Metallurgical company was looking to test AI by making quality metal cheaper in two countries, experiment with AI teams with a strong involvement of business & IT, and create an iterative approach of “Think large, start small, scale fast”.


The goal of the initiative was to demonstrate AI value for metallurgic fusion, and build an AI factory with a decent time-to-market operating model & governance to support AI at scale. Producing a metal of better quality with the same resources


Together with Capgemini Invent, the company created a C-Level sponsored use case roadmap, prioritized by business value, with value tracking to monitor gains.

In parallel, a pragmatic data governance approach was designed, with prioritization of data domains according to client needs and priority use cases.

Capgemini Invent helped reaching alignment of IT / Digital stakeholders on a best in class operating model, able to deliver “live products” in less than 4 months time-to-market.


The manufacturer was able to deliver more than 10 projects worldwide (in Asia, Africa, Europe, and many more) best in class methodologies including: continuous process optimization, energy reduction, and discrete manufacturing optimization.

  • One of the project’s value in Fusion control for Nickel alloys production resulted in:
  • 40% reduction in FeSi consumption
  • 25% to 50% reduction in furnace production
  • 0 to -25% reduction in dopant consumption
  • Annual cash flow savings: €2,1M.