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ESG data mastery
Data and AI

How organizations can achieve esg data mastery

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have become as central to the business environment as inflation and interest rates.

Organizations needs to address the ESG impacts of their products and operations to avoid find themselves in steep decline, facing a tribunal, or forced to pay a hefty fine.

As Regulatory standards are getting more and more complex, delivering accurate ESG reporting is critical and instrumental for every company across regions and industries. While organizations, public or private, need to manage different departments, collecting different data sources, deciding on the best approach has became challenging.

Moreover, the risk of getting their ESG reporting wrong increased with consumers, investors and regulators actively questioning their claims, and requesting solid proof points.

In this paper, Capgemini and Informatica detail how organizations can best consolidate ESG data across their business domains by creating an actionable store of ESG data to enable decision for action and positively impact their performance.

Curious to know more? Explore our infographic highlighting our recommended steps and expected benefits, for a quick snapshot on how to accelerate your ESG Data Maturity.

Meet our experts

Vincent de Montalivet

Data for Net Zero Leader
Empowering sustainability with Data & AI innovation and culture change is a way to bring value generating transformation pathway for business, planet and society

Eric Reich

AI & Data Engineering Offer Leader and Global Head, Insights & Data
Eric has over 20 years of experience and is been part of Capgemini Group portfolio team for Insights and Data, global practice. He is currently leading AI & Data Engineering team globally. With 16+ years of experience in the FS sector and 10+ years in the cloud and data space , he had the opportunity to work with some of Fortune 500 customers in the Assessment , Design and Execution phases of their data driven transformation.