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Financial services


We all know buying insurance is hardly a gratifying experience, especially when there are several policy options available in the market.

Widespread digital innovation has made it convenient for consumers to connect with an infinite number of insurers, in different ways. This is wonderful, but it also means the selection and buying process has been extended and is getting overly complicated.

A DIY approach of selling insurance through agents or just relying on website sales results only in spaghetti integrations. Insurers are working collaboratively with an ecosystem of partners to cater to underserved markets, gain access to new customer segments, and increase brand recognition as well as  cross-selling opportunities while building a foundation for customer lifetime value.

This new business model and partnership approach to greater mutual value is not only meant for product warranties, though. Virtually any insurance product can be embedded in an existing sale as long as the insurance conditions don’t require complex explanations.

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Kiran Boosam

Vice President, Financial Services; Global Insurance Industry Strategy and Portfolio Leader, Capgemini Financial Services

Sanjay Pawar

Director – Global Insurance Initiative