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Six simple steps to process mining success

Marek Sowa
25 April 2022

Trouble scaling process mining across your organization? The six simple steps outlined below will transform your business operations more quickly and easily than you might think.

The disruption of traditional business models by the global pandemic, the necessity for more resilient operations, and the need to scale digital transformation initiatives is driving increased demand for intelligent automation solutions that combine digital tools to achieve results.

One of these digital tools is process mining – a set of data science and process management techniques that are often leveraged to support operational process analysis efforts based on event and case logs that many organizations already store in their IT systems. The objective is to turn business process data into tangible insights and actions that organizations can take forward to improve key areas of their business such as customer experience for example.

Achieve more scale and value – easily

It’s true that process mining helps you achieve more scale and greater value realization for your transformation initiatives – these six steps outlined below show you how: 

  • Secure executive buy-in early – lack of executive sponsorship and stakeholder buy-in will undoubtedly lead to gaps in your organization’s vision and strategic focus. But avoiding this is crucial if you want your transformation efforts to catch on. This is why executive support must be achieved early in any transformation – as it helps direct the whole transformation journey from day one.
  • Start with a simple project – selecting the right processes for process mining proof of concepts (POC) is critical as they demonstrate your vision, while also highlighting the potential this technology will have for you and your clients. It’s easier to start with a process that is structured, contains a limited number of steps, and requires low data preparation. Keeping things simple here will potentially lead to more success and grow business appetite for scaling-up.
  • Ensure data better availability/quality – limited event logs data availability is key to scaling adoption correctly. This is why educating stakeholders about the benefits of logging business data through information systems is vital to ensuring you overcome your data issues quickly. To do this, focus on transforming data into the formats that work for you. Getting enterprise IT involved early-on will also lead to a better understanding of your application landscape – enabling you to address data privacy and availability concerns quickly.
  • Set up a CoE – trying to scale process mining efforts with a siloed approach and a lack of proper governance will always be challenging. However, establishing a dedicated center of excellence (CoE) will help you clearly define what you want from your transformation. It will also provide a strong centralized structure and governance framework for developing a shared vision, transformation initiatives collaboration, and strategic alignment between key stakeholders.
  • Identify and source relevant skills/expertise – process mining requires a multi-disciplinary team to be implemented successfully. However, skill shortages, difficulty in acquiring/retaining talent, and high training costs often impedes progress here. Consider leveraging your service providers’ expertise to fill the gaps. After all, collaborating with vendors or service providers to train employees, while helping them develop an analyst-based mindset will further accelerate your scaling efforts – with the added benefit of fast-tracking your own in-house skills.
  • Focus on change management – resistance from individual employees to process mining adoption hinders scaling efforts. However, you can access to change agents your employees know and trust by simply aligning with, and educating frontline managers on the benefits of process mining.

Developing organizational culture that embraces innovation and builds a workforce excited by process mining reinforced through events, workshops, and active collaboration will help accelerate the adoption of this technology across your entire enterprise.

Begin your process mining journey today

Adopting process mining at scale offers huge potential for organizations to drive continuous improvement, accelerate their automation and transformation initiatives, and realize greater ROI and business value.

To learn more, download Capgemini and Everest’s joint whitepaper “Process mining – more than just process discovery.” To learn more about how Capgemini’s Intelligent Process Automation solution can help you implement process mining across your business, contact:

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Marek Sowa

Data & AI for Enterprise Management leader
Marek Sowa is head of Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Offering & Innovation focused on adopting AI technologies into business services. He leverages the potential hidden in deep and machine learning to increase the speed, accuracy, and automation of processes. This helps clients to transform their business operations leveraging the combined power of AI and RPA to create working solutions that deliver real business value.

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