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QA testing: to the rescue!

January 27, 2020

The quality of a website defines its success and that’s the reason more and more companies have realized the value of QA testing services. Your website establishes the first connection with your prospective clients. If your website has bugs and defects, then you are more likely to lose customers. Thus, software testing service can help you to assure your website meets global standards, SEO best practices and dynamic user expectations.

Detect bugs and flaws

Software testing experts will follow a strategic approach to perform thorough software testing. A professional software tester will follow a process like this:

  • Understand the requirements
  • Creating a test plan and test cases
  • Defining complex matrix
  • Running test cases
  • Finding defects and flaws
  • Reporting them
  • Retest the website (Regression Testing)

This process will assure you to find all possible bugs and defects, which can be functional, non-functional and aesthetic.

Regression Testing

A website is developed once, but there can be occasional changes to the website. For example, adding a new webpage, or supporting another language to cater locals; or something else.  A change in one module can change something on the website without your knowledge. Also, on the website with time, you may face cases of broken links or page not found issues. All these can be detected by consistent regression testing.

Well maintained Documentation

One of the most important parts of software testing is documentation. The software testing document doesn’t only consist of the test cases and related information but also contains other information such as roles and responsibilities, assumptions, risks, deliverables, etc. This document can work as a point of reference to gauge efforts, progress, investment, and other factors clearly.

There are many benefits of software testing in the web development project, which makes it an inseparable part of web development projects. Here is a list out the top 10 benefits of software testing in a web development project:

  1. Identify and remove defects at early stages
  2. Improve the performance of the website, such as decreased cart abandon ratio
  3. Keep website up and running even in heavy load
  4. Keep website secure
  5. Provide the best user experience
  6. Remove bad links
  7. Verify the functionality of each module, form, etc.
  8. Reduce time in development
  9. Improve brand positioning
  10. Increase revenues

Software testing can be assured to reduce development life cycle time by promptly identifying bugs. Also, it assures the website is up and running even during heavy load. The best software testing service helps in increasing user loyalty and lead generation by delivering the best user experience. This results in increased business and revenues.