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Five principles on which to build your marketing ecosystem

Dr. Thomas Dmoch
February 23, 2021

Five principles on which to build your marketing ecosystem for simplified, more efficient customer engagement

Consumers today want a contextualized and personalized experience. They expect convenience and unlimited access, and they demand it in real time, 24/7. Data and digitalization hold the key for the CMO and marketing teams responding to this new world of real-time customer engagement.

With data captured at every customer touchpoint, marketing holds a treasure trove of customer insights based on tracking of audience media and consumption habits. Aided by the latest marketing technology (MarTech), it becomes possible to use data to identify and understand the context of each customer interaction with a brand across different channels. How and when do consumers search for a product, see what their peers are saying, get help, personalize their purchase, place an order, and demonstrate brand advocacy?

In our new point of view, we describe how these outcomes become possible in an end-to-end operating model within a connected marketing ecosystem. Under the CMO’s new ecosystem remit, we see sales, marketing, and service merging as customer requests become interdisciplinary. Commerce across digital channels also integrates within this ecosystem, so that any interaction or transaction with the customer merges into a seamless experience.

Introducing Connected Marketing

At Capgemini, we call this Connected Marketing – and digital must be part of this picture. It is an enabler of the five principles on which Connected Marketing is built:

  • Personalization
  • Relevance
  • Data-driven branding
  • Responsiveness
  • At scale.

These principles are key success factors for the marketing ecosystem. Here’s how we bring them together for our clients: Connected Marketing means customer activation by personalized, relevant, and brand-specific content and services, delivered in the right moment by a responsive, fast, and interdisciplinary organization that is able to scale through marketing automation based on the right platform.

An ecosystem approach built on these principles helps the CMO address changing consumer behaviors and expectations for a highly relevant, two-way dialog (ideally in real time) with the brands they love. It breaks down organizational silos to ensure previously disparate teams, functions, and agencies are able to deliver a personalized brand experience that is the same at every customer touchpoint while mitigating budget pressures. It removes complexity from fragmented vendor landscapes in volatile markets, enabling the CMO to focus on creativity rather than on managing supplier relationships.

Our new point of view looks in more depth at each of the five principles, describing what it takes to deliver them, and the value of getting this right. For example, data-driven personalized experiences along the entire customer journey that are relevant to both the brands and their customers enable marketing to build loyal audiences and communities of advocates.

Building Connected Marketing with MarTech

We use MarTech as the pillar on which to build our Connected Marketing offer. A platform view unites everything our clients need to manage complexity, reduce time to market, and ensure marketing is truly part of strategic growth plans. This extends from data capture systems, automation capabilities, and social media monitoring, to digital asset management, data storage, and data activation.

Ultimately, we bring together this technology with data and a brand vision to create and realize our clients’ strategies for delivering real-time experiences at scale.

Learn more about Connected Marketing

Download the point of view, Putting your customer first – Shaping a new era in personalized marketing. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about how we’re embedding brand-driven data and simplification in our Connected Marketing solutions and services.