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Capgemini’s award-winning software drives frictionless HR contract management

Diana Ramos
21 Mar 2022

Capgemini’s new easy-to-use contract management software enables HR teams to change and track employee contract information transparently at the click of a button.

As most people who work in HR know, requesting changes in employee contracts is not always easy. Tickets sent in by HR managers requesting changes are stored separately from the contract management software or platform where these changes are usually made. This makes the simple task of updating employee contracts and information time-consuming, complex, and error-prone, leading to a great deal of frustration for all involved.

In response to these challenges, Capgemini saw an opportunity to develop powerful, easy-to-use HR contract management software that gives our HR teams full visibility and control over making and tracking changes to employee contracts transparently at the touch of a button.

Next-generation software simplifies contract management in HR

Our new “HR Changes” software gives HR managers the ability to customize change request forms by adding new fields, removing existing ones, or even replacing entire forms whenever it is needed. HR Changes works as a living contract management tool that can adapt to its users’ needs, without inputs from the IT department.

This customizable mindset also extends to the cybersecurity infrastructure surrounding the tool. It enables platform administrators to decide what information HR teams can see. For example, employee salaries can only be accessed by contract managers and approvers.

As a standalone, plug-and-play, web application founded on Angular and .NET frameworks, this contract management software can be integrated with any HR platform in a few simple steps. It was designed by Capgemini’s Software Factory – an internal team of developers and software engineers that was tasked with transforming Capgemini Poland’s HR ecosystem.

 Award-winning HR contract management software

Leveraging HR Changes has been a real game-changer for Capgemini through enabling users to customize information capture at every level of the contract management process. In fact, it’s safe to say that this new software has revolutionized the way our supervisors and HR teams operate.

This is why it was recognized at the most recent HR Brilliance Awards, where it won the Gold Award in Brilliance in Innovative Use of Technology in the HR category. It also has huge potential for organizations to streamline the entire change management process with a single tool via a unified, user-friendly, frictionless interface.

Did you know that Capgemini helps HR teams improve their ways of working in other ways too? To learn how Capgemini’s Intelligent People Operations leverages next-generation technology and Intelligent Process Automation to drive frictionless HR operations, contact:

Karolina Lach is manager in Capgemini’s Compensation & Benefits team. She specializes in building solutions that drive process excellence, continuous improvement, and intelligent automation to deliver significant benefits for HR and business Users.

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