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Capgemini Guatemala – a great place to work


Capgemini Guatemala has recently achieved the Great Place to Work® certification – a prestigious award based on feedback from our employees – ranking Capgemini among the best companies in Guatemala for prioritizing company culture and its people.

Our priority has always been to create a world-class experience for our employees – and it has paid off. Capgemini Guatemala was actively identified by 88% of our employees as an “excellent place to work.”

A unique experience for our employees

The entire team continues to show incredible dedication to the clients and the company, even in times of duress. We owe Capgemini Guatemala’s success to all our hardworking teammates, who continue to deliver exemplary work. Our partners and clients are also to be celebrated! It is their collaboration with Capgemini Guatemala that has enabled us to obtain this coveted recognition.

As part of the certification, we’ve also been recognized as a place that promotes inclusion and diversity, which is incredibly important for us especially in the specific social climate of Guatemala. As one of the most unequal countries in Latin America with the highest incidence of poverty, the notions of inclusion and diversity have been truly foundational to our success, and we feel a huge sense of achievement that the feedback has been so positive.

A workplace with the freedom to be bold and creative

Capgemini at large, strives to create an environment of diversity and inclusion. As a result, people feel like they can express themselves here.

People need to feel heard and valued – it is important to their sense of well-being – and this is exactly what we strive to achieve at Capgemini.

Putting people first lays the brickwork for success. This is easily one of the most important factors when assessing a company’s work environment.

The global benchmark for identifying success

Great Place to Work® has been the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and leadership behavior for nearly three decades – recognized by employees and employers alike. This certification is the ultimate “employer of choice” recognition that companies aspire to achieve, and the only recognition that is completely based on employee feedback.

I’m extremely proud that Capgemini Guatemala achieved over 80% in all five areas of the Great Place to Work model – Credibility, Respect, Impartiality, Pride, and Fellowship.

This certification proves that the passion our team feels for Capgemini is embedded in our DNA.

Eduardo Castillo is an accomplished leader with over 15 years of experience in business process outsourcing and networking in the US, Canada, and Latin America. His strengths include a strong focus on revenue and cost management, P&L accountability, business development, and strategic planning built around the relationship between operations, financial objectives, and clients’ requirements.