Hubert Giraud

Hubert Giraud

Altran Resources & Integration

Since the closing of Capgemini’s acquisition of Altran in April 2020, Hubert Giraud has been leading the Altran Resources & Integration program at the Capgemini Group. He has been a Member of the Group Executive Board since January 2014.

Prior to this, Hubert Giraud was the Group Chief Human Resources Officer from 2014. Between 2014 and July 2018, he also held the position of Head of People Management and Transformation.

Previously, Hubert was Head of Business Process Outsourcing, which became one of the fastest growing and most profitable strategic business units under his management in 2011. From 2003, Hubert played an essential role in the global expansion of Capgemini’s outsourcing business and the organization of the Global Outsourcing discipline.

As a specialist in operational, financial and legal management, Hubert joined Capgemini in 1998 to lead the Group’s Corporate Development & Risk department, which included overseeing several successful M&As and managing the legal and audit operations.

After several positions held in the French public sector, Hubert joined Société Générale, as head of Public financing in 1990. In 1993, he was appointed Chief Operations Officer of GEMPLUS (known today as Gemalto), a world leading smart cards manufacturer. He held that position until 1998.

Hubert is a graduate of both the ENA – Ecole Nationale d’Administration in France (1984) and Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (1979).