World Energy Markets Observatory – Australia

Australia has been a strong supporter of global climate change policies, supporting the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement and providing strong support to assist developing countries finance their climate change roadmaps. But, Australia’s investment in clean energy technologies began lagging in 2014.

The push for renewable technology has been led by state governments who have created their own policies, fast tracking the move to renewable energy generation.

  • Australia is a very long way from meeting its committed targets
  • Emissions from coal power are the largest contributors to Australia’s total emissions
  • The National Electricity Market is shifting from coal and gas generation towards more diverse and distributed forms of power such as wind and solar and a resurgent hydro sector
  • Australia is emerging as the focal point of international battery storage market
  • Experimentation with blockchain technology and its application in energy distribution and grid management is on the horizon

New investments in Renewable Energy

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