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Gearing up for the Metaverse

How immersive technologies will reshape the automotive industry?

Radio, television, and the internet transformed the world in unimaginable ways. Now, a new technological development promises to surpass all previous benchmarks. Welcome to the metaverse. But the metaverse isn’t just a world changer; it’s a world unto itself. Virtual Reality (VR) units make cyberspace an incredibly immersive experience.

Blockchain technology facilitates decentralized economies, and digital tokens are revolutionizing intellectual property. Every one of our industries will undergo radical changes in the coming years. The automotive industry is no different.
This report examines the impact of metaverse-related innovation and trends on the automotive industry. Special attention is paid to its value chain and application fields. Additionally, we explore the many strategic opportunities key players and OEMs can expect to encounter soon.


As part of Capgemini, Invent has over 50 years of experience effecting change in leading organizations worldwide. Our people-centric transformations harness innovative data solutions and technology. Blockchain, web3, and metaverse technologies are part of our natural habitat. As an organization with 11,500 offices in 21 countries across five continents, we always look for new ways to communicate and collaborate. The metaverse is the latest example. We work with our partners to unlock all the advantages of paradigm-defining progress.

Thought Leadership

Gearing Up for the Metaverse:
How immersive technologies will reshape the automotive industry

Since the end of 2021, it has been almost impossible not to come across “the metaverse,” a coinage used to describe a virtual space based…

Organizations must make the right decisions when working in the technology industry at the right time. This includes capitalizing on the latest developments and ensuring our partners are never left behind. We know how profoundly technology changes societies because we’ve experienced both the highs and the lows of business. We use our expertise to target the next big thing and unlock growth opportunities.

Capgemini’s industry expertise comprises over 325,000 team members in 55 countries.
Our combined experience is our greatest asset. Having been founded over 50 years ago, we have acquired an ability to thrive throughout volatility, adapting and evolving when necessary. With over 30 tactical partnerships, we have the resources to meet challenges, great and small.

Every Capgemini initiative manifests our seven core values: honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, fun, modesty, and team spirit. After careful consideration, we identified these values as integral to long-term success. We aim to deliver consistent quality that adheres to sustainable practices while maintaining transparency.

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