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maximizing esg management and reporting

Use the power of ESG data to impact the planet, and your bottom line.

Our clients face a rapidly evolving landscape of reporting standards and regulations including the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Beyond mandatory reporting, there is increased pressure for more transparency. Supplier due diligence is under the spotlight while 33% of consumers globally believe organizations and brands are greenwashing their sustainability initiatives. ​

At Capgemini, we go beyond carbon and mandatory reporting to help you measure commitments, monitor progress, identify quick wins and impactful transformation opportunities, unlock value, and provide transparency to consumers, citizens, shareholders, and regulatory bodies. We do this by securely harnessing the power of data across your entire ecosystem to create environmental and social impact, while improving your ESG performance and bottom line.​

How we can help

Data for net zero

Utilize net zero intelligence seamlessly to build resilience – and reduce climate and business risk.

What we do

Carbon reporting and management

Data-driven pathway to accelerate your decarbonization commitments.

Research shows that only 13% of organizations have adopted a carbon management solution at scale. Part of the challenge is the task of monitoring, measuring, and reporting critical sustainability data in a reliable, accurate, and comprehensive manner.
Our active, end-to-end approach to carbon reporting and management fuses critical disciplines in a modular manner , covering strategy, engineering, lifecycle analysis, carbon accounting, and decarbonization execution, across your entire value chain​.

Compliance demands trusted sustainability data.

We help you take control of your sustainability data in a single, secured, and trusted environment to create transparency and actionable insight while accelerating carbon footprint reporting.

Be fully equipped to act on carbon accounting.

We empower our public sector clients to collect, process, monitor and share data to provide transparency for citizens and enable secure data-driven collaboration between departments and government bodies.

Delivering reliable ESG insights from unstructured data.

We go beyond conventional data sources to build contextualized ESG insights using Gen AI to help banks, insurers and risk officers to combat greenwashing risk and drive informed business decisions. 

Meeting your ESG commitments.

We transform commitments and actions into proven facts. Thus, we support our clients by setting up a robust and consistent 360° impacts measurement and steering system, from strategy to operations.