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Event, Life Sciences

Scale or Stale – Realizing the true value of GenAI in Life Sciences

May 14th, 2024, 14:30-17:00 CET

We are delighted to extend this exclusive invitation to join us for a transformative Life Sciences event at Moltkes Palæ on May 14th

We are standing at the forefront of a new era propelled by the convergence of Generative AI and Language Models. These transformative technologies hold the promise of redefining the industry’s paradigms, igniting new avenues of discovery and efficacy, and empowering Life Sciences organizations to navigate uncharted territories with confidence and efficiency.

Numerous industry studies underscore the necessity for Life Sciences organizations to integrate Generative AI into their core operations, highlighting AI’s pivotal role in sustaining competitiveness within a rapidly evolving and complex market. However, akin to any transformative technology, the true value of GenAI and AI emerges at scale and when directly aligned with the strategic objectives of the business. This raises the pertinent question: How can we ensure that our pilots and POCs don’t stale, but rather scale?

“The risk with generative
AI is not that leaders fail
to try it, but that trying is
as far as they get. “

Harvard Business
Review, Dec 01,2023

Find the program below and join us as we, together with our guests, shed light on the path forward.

Best Regards
John FodehVP, Life Sciences & MedTech


State of the (GenAI) Union
  • Shedding light on emerging Nordic GenAI 2024 trends and opportunities
Dr. Cara Antoine,
EVP at Capgemini Europe.
High-value Life Sciences GenAI Solutions
  • Proven high-value cases and assets, promising to drive tangible outcomes
Parvin Moyasari Amnieh
Global Life Sciences Lead, Insight & Data at Capgemini
Scaling & Industrializing GenAI
  • Insight into Capgemini’s AI@Scale Framework and a big international pharma’s AI journey at scale with GenAI Factory
Mark Oost
Global AI Leader
Yedan Qian
Executive Director at frog, a part of Capgemini
Michael Clausen
External CTO at Bayer
The Pathway to Scaling GenAI
  • Introducing the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) Exploratory session, a pathway to scaling and accelerating value generation
Meghan Young
Head of Applied Innovation Exchange, Capgemini Nordic

Moltkes Palæ Copenhagen
May 14th, 2024 14:30-17:00 CET


The event has concluded