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Delivering on the promise of connected health

In healthcare only one thing matters: outcomes. Connected health, which sits at the intersection of digital and traditional care, is one clear way to drive measurable clinical outcomes and, in turn, business results.

The vast majority of connected health programs at present lack the quantifiable results to generate interest at the benefits management, or payor level. And while legislation on clear pathways for reimbursement is lagging, there are a number of efforts underway across the globe to open those pathways significantly. Meaning, now is the time to get a head start and revamp thinking on how your connected health portfolios and products will drive value when that happens.

With the size of the digital health market set to surpass $426.8 billion by 20273 , there is no doubt that life sciences organizations have great enthusiasm for connected health products and services. At the same time, delivering a return on that investment requires organizations to take an outcome-driven approach to program design.

In this paper, we explore how life sciences organizations can leverage human-centered design, data science, and clinical outcomes to create effective, outcome-driven connected health programs.

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