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Touchless Retail: What the Rest of the World could learn from China’s new ways to shop

Julien Bourdinière
Date icon June 23, 2020

Chinese retailers and brands have brought to life “Touchless Retail”, a new way to serve...

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Microsoft Azure – a cloud-native success story

Sjoukje Zaal
Date icon March 18, 2021

One of our clients helps several retailers, both local and global, acquire, engage, and...

How to liberate your legacy applications to unleash powerful, agile next-gen apps

Erik Haahr
Date icon March 5, 2021

Discarding the burden of an existing traditional applications landscape will bring clearer...

AI and ethics – establishing ground-rules

Lee Beardmore
Date icon February 4, 2021

Organizations need to develop a comprehensive ethical charter that can provide a code of...