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Touchless Retail: What the Rest of the World could learn from China’s new ways to shop

Julien Bourdinière
Date icon June 23, 2020

Chinese retailers and brands have brought to life “Touchless Retail”, a new way to serve...

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How AI will make the stuff we need to survive the next 30 years

Vincent de Montalivet
Date icon November 23, 2020

New materials with precisely engineered properties are urgently needed for applications...

How to make your AI solution good for business and the planet

Vincent de Montalivet
Date icon November 23, 2020

AI promises to be a powerful tool in pursuit of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, but...

Training AIs doesn’t have to hurt (the planet)

Gunnar Menzel
Date icon November 23, 2020

Bedazzled as we are by the myriad new advances it enables – from speech recognition to...