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Touchless Retail: What the Rest of the World could learn from China’s new ways to shop

Julien Bourdinière
Date icon June 23, 2020

Chinese retailers and brands have brought to life “Touchless Retail”, a new way to serve...

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The secret ingredient to digital transformation

Magdalena Matell
Date icon July 31, 2020

At first glance, cooking and digital transformation might seem as different as apples and...

Monitor data proactively to increase model resilience

Neil Joaquim Fernandes
Date icon July 31, 2020

A new approach can keep your predictive models a step ahead – even during a crisis such as a...

Our ten-year countdown to net zero has begun

Shobha Meera
Date icon July 27, 2020

Capgemini will become a net zero business by 2030, achieving carbon neutrality no later than...