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Divya Kumar

Expert in Analytics, Corporate Finance

I build Analytics Products and Practices that help clients get a 360 degree view of the data in any area of their enterprise, while enabling them to unlock the insights and value from it for better decision making and optimization.

Divya Kumar

My experience

Director - Analytics @ Capgemini


Independent Consultant @ Management Consulting Company

01/16/2013 to 07/17/2013

Senior Vice President - Corporate Planning & Analytics @ Financial Services Firm

10/25/2007 to 12/12/2012

Sr. Manager - Analytics @ Financial Services Firm

02/20/2003 to 08/15/2007

Financial and Strategic Planning @ Transportation Firm

07/19/2001 to 11/20/2002

Economic, Financial & Equity Research @ Finance Firm

02/23/2000 to 06/14/2001

Latest Publications


The Democratization of Analytics

Divya Kumar

There was a time when analytics meant implementing a huge Business Intelligence (BI) system,...