Supply chain and quality management

We improve operational quality and supply chains by collaborating to identify and achieve better control and performance of critical activities in a way that can be consistently sustained.

Supply chain and quality management services are a specialty of Capgemini Engineering Global Service Line. We bring our best engineers to work to deliver sustainable results – on time, in full, and right first time.

We help to achieve optimized costs, workload flexibility, better compliance, and robust processes, while enabling our clients to focus on their core activities at the same time.
We transform non-core regulatory and quality processes with a tailored transformation and managed services approach, fully managing them while ensuring a smooth transition and rapid deployment.

What we do

Supply chain management and transformation services

We support clients in creating, implementing, and optimizing their industrial supply chains.

Supply chains are at their best when they can be overseen and managed as a single, integrated entity. To help achieve smart, seamless performance that can flex to meet rapidly changing needs, we bring to bear our skills and experience in industrial transfer, supplier development, procurement, and logistics.

Quality and compliance services

We provide support in transforming and operating the manufacturing engineering activities of factories, from the definition of the process to the execution of day-to-day activities.

Quality isn’t just a regulatory requirement. It’s an essential element of any brand, and manufacturing organizations can be defined by it. We help manufacturers to meet the expectations and requirements of their customers and their industry stakeholders, with our strengths in quality engineering, production quality, quality management, quality programs, regulatory and compliance issues, and compliance transformation and managed services..