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Rapid urbanization combined with moves to sustainable transport point to increased demand for rail transportation linking major urban hubs and feeding into multi-modal local transport networks.

Against this positive backdrop, there are challenges to overcome. The to-do list to get there is long: increase electrification, find green alternatives to diesel, expand infrastructure while integrating advanced technologies with legacy operational systems from multiple suppliers, integrate autonomous and connected trains, provide real-time passenger information and connectivity, reduce service disruption, a reliable timetable, and offer Mobility as a Service option. 
Success depends on all actors in the railway industry mastering innovative technologies, delivering complex digital transformation programs, and building partnerships across digital and technological ecosystems

“Rail is the most environmentally friendly transport mode and fostering digital transformation is of greater political importance […] than ever before. Our industry is continuously adapting to end-users’ changing needs and expectations to further enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of rail transport.

Source: Unife

What we do

Optimized Engineering for Rolling Stock
Rail industry manufacturers must rapidly assess design changes and their effect upon system functionality and performance. They have to ensure that all system-level requirements are identified, and compliant at the concept design stage.

Capgemini accelerates and optimizes the engineering for Rolling stock from the design, Validation & Verification, to Test & Commissioning. Our services encompass its full lifecycle, through industrialized outsourced engineering services and deployment of smart and digital engineering methods and tools.

Control Command & Signalling Systems
While Railway players must ensure a better reliability and performance, it is crucial to manage the Software driven transformation, based on the development and integration of critical autonomous train control systems. 
This offer addresses on-board and trackside signalling for overall rolling stock & infrastructure market segments and covers the end-to-end lifecycle from the design, integration, Validation & Verification, Test & Commissioning of critical, autonomous control & command systems.

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Next-Gen Infrastructure & Traffic Management
While infrastructure and transportation operations have to be more and more efficient, it becomes crucial to supervise and monitor systems through digital data engineering.
Capgemini proposes advanced systems, tools and processes to monitor the infrastructures & traffic.

Intelligent Manufacturing & Supply Chain
In a context where product development costs and timescales have to be reduced significantly, Capgemini provides advanced tools and processes to help railway manufacturers embrace the revolutionary concepts of Industry 4.0.  

Intelligent Support & Services
OEMs have to offer better connected and more convenient travel services to their clients, through intelligent, personalized, and contextual traveling experience.
Capgemini delivers Intelligent and transformational services for better long-term efficiency, leveraging our complete array of digital expertise and assets.

Fast evolving market and consumer demands require railway players to quickly adapt their products and services.
Across the world, manufacturers and operators face challenges to design, build and operate increasingly complex railway products and systems, requiring strong collaboration between different disciplines spread over various locations.
Capgemini accompanies Rail players with next generation digital solutions such as Digital Twin or 5G connectivity, helping Rail sector being faster, efficient and safe, to address railway challenges at scale.

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