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Google Cloud Next 2023

Welcome to where intelligence transforms everything – revealing a new world of possibilities 
Aug. 29-31, 2023 | Moscone Center, San Francisco | Booth #1215

We are thrilled to be Marquee Sponsor at Google Cloud Next 2023

Join us at Google Cloud Next ’23, the highly anticipated annual flagship conference hosted by Google Cloud. This remarkable event will bring together decision-makers, developers, and cloud enthusiasts who share a passion for all things Google Cloud!

Expand your knowledge and gain fresh perspectives from our Google Cloud experts and other esteemed industry leaders.

We have carefully curated an exhilarating week filled with valuable insights and transformative opportunities tailored just for you:

Tour our immersive industry demos to experience first-hand how data, cloud, and Generative AI are generating tangible business value in these sectors.

Stay at the forefront of the latest trends and advancements shaping the future of cloud technology!

Join one of our many speaking sessions during the event  

 Live from Booth #1215!

Our Cloud Realities podcasts will broadcast twice a day, but you can come and watch the podcasts, where industry experts discuss the latest trends and what’s ahead in 2024.

In the meantime, check out the two Google Cloud Podcasts:

Episode 37 – CR028: AI Cyber Considerations with Bill Reid, Google Cloud | Jun 2023

Episode 36 – CR027: Quantumania! with Alex Del Toro Barba and Catherine Vollgraff Heidweiller, Google Cloud | Jun 2023

Check out our Podcast schedule:

August 29

GenAI and its creative revolution

Aug 29, 11:00
Guest: Rodrigo Rocha, Director, Global Horizontal Partnerships, Google Cloud

Future of retail

Aug 29, 15:00
Guest: Jose Gomes, Managing Director Retail & Consumer, Google Cloud

August 30

The future of FS

Aug 30, 15:00
Guest: Zac Maufe, Head of Financial Services Industry Solutions, Google Cloud

Sustainability in the cloud

Aug 30, 11:00
Guest: TBC

August 31

The best of Alphabet in helping enterprise client’s business transformation

Aug 31, 10:00
Guest: Mahin Samadani, Director of Strategic Business Transformation, Google Cloud

All the live podcast episodes can be found here

We will also host sessions in the theater.

Experience our immersive demos!

AD SHORTY is a miniature fully autonomous vehicle built by Capgemini. It uses the power of 5G and Cloud, swarm robotics, sensor fusion, and V2X integration.

Learn how the CornerShop platform is an innovation enabler and how you can run next-gen retail experiments through an immersive demo.

Our Proactive Home Care Solution empowers insurers to offer customers tools & resources for safer, smarter, and simpler homes.

Elevate your possible with Enterprise-ready Generative AI powered by Google Cloud

Wednesday, August 30th from 1:00 pm-1:45 pm

Join us for an enlightening session where we delve into the transformative world of human intelligence, combined with cloud, and Generative AI. We will reveal the path to adoption for enterprises to get most of the Next- Gen technologies revolutionizing industries. Through real-world use cases using Google Cloud solutions, we will showcase practical applications, demonstrations, and best practices for tangible business benefits that scale your business responsibly.


Steve Jones
EVP & Global Lead, Collaborative Data Ecosystems, Capgemini

Genevieve Chamard
Global Partner Executive, Group Strategic Initiatives and Sponsorships Google Cloud, Capgemini

Veeresh Badiger
Global Gen AI Solution Architect, Capgemini

The Modern Customer Journey and the Rise of Data-Driven Marketing

Wednesday, August 30th from 4:45 pm – 5:30 pm

Join our breakout session on “The Modern Customer Journey and the Rise of Data-Driven Marketing” where a leading US Bank will be discussing how they use Google technology to build a data-driven marketing strategy that personalizes the customer journey across channels.


Arindam Choudhury
Capgemini Banking and Capital Markets Head, Insights & Data, Capgemini

Rajasekhar Madugula
Wells Fargo

Cloud Talk: Navigating cloudy transformation successfully

Tuesday, August 29th from 11:55am – 12:10pm in the Cloud Talk 2 theater

Join our Capgemini Cloud Realities Podcast team as they share expertise and practical advice to navigate the real-world realities of driving large scale business transformation in the cloud to deliver business outcomes.  

Get ready to navigate the cloudy transformation terrain and reveal the path of cloud possibilities.


Dave Chapman,
Chief Cloud Evangelist, Capgemini

Rob Kernanhan,
Chief Architect for Cloud, Capgemini

Explore our Next Gen Offers powered by Google Cloud

    Data estate modernization on Google Cloud

    Capgemini Financial Services and Google Cloud Platform help turn your data estate into a future-proof foundation to grow your business.

    CornerShop by Capgemini with Google Cloud

    Capgemini and Google Cloud Platform: The store experience of tomorrow, today.

      Discover Insights!

      Catch Episodes 36 & 37 featuring Google Cloud experts discussing quantum computing and AI in cybersecurity. Don’t miss out!

      Together, Capgemini and Google Cloud help organizations adapt to the changing world, innovate for future growth, navigate economic changes and​ reinvent their business models​.

      Report from the Capgemini Research Institute

      It is a powerful technology that can be used to create new content, improve customer service, automate tasks, and generate new ideas.

      Prepare to be surprised by the collective power of human intelligence and Custom Generative AI for Enterprise.

      The hype in AI is about whether a truly intelligent AI is an existential risk to society. Are we heading for Skynet or The Culture? What will the future bring?

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      Meet our experts

      Genevieve Chamard

      Expert in Manufacturing, Retail

      Arindam Choudhury

      Vice President, Banking & Capital Markets Head, Financial Services Insights & Data

      Michael Hansen

      Google Cloud Partner Development Executive
      Michael has now been working in the IT industry for more than 30 years in various positions, always with customer contact. Through his personal career, he is very close to the financial services, automotive and semiconductor industries. With his expertise, he motivates our clients to overcome technical challenges and tackle business problems with effective solutions that pay off from the start. Michael joined Capgemini in 2018, and since that year he has been orchestrating our joint offering with Google, helping to develop technical solutions that meet clients’ real business needs. He oversees our Google partnership for the German region and our clients that are headquartered in Germany and operate globally.

      Sergio Werner

      Head of Southern & Central Europe Google Cloud CoE
      Aerospace engineer and an alumnus of INSEAD, Sergio is an expert in public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, automation, and security. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive experience in consulting and management, with a focus on innovation and industrialization. His journey and involvement in significant international consulting missions and transformation programs have provided him with a deep understanding of the global challenges related to cloud transformation. Sergio is currently leading the Cloud Center of Excellence for Central and Southern Europe.

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