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Conversations for Tomorrow #5

Breathe (in)novation – uncover innovations that matter

Through our quarterly journal, Conversations for Tomorrow, the Capgemini Research Institute enables leaders to identify the strategic imperatives for the future of business and the society in which it operates.

Innovation has never been more exciting, with so many technologies blossoming to transform the social and business landscapes. Many technologies have moved from the realm of science fiction into the center of technological thinking, with very real implications for businesses.

In the fifth edition of our quarterly journal, Conversations for Tomorrow, we look at how innovation leaders transform industries – from energy and utilities to life sciences, retail, financial services, and high-tech. We take a 360-degree look at innovation, from religious, scientific, business, and political perspectives, and from a multigenerational viewpoint.

We’ve gathered the perspectives of leading innovators and experts, with key contributors including:

  • Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry 2020
  • Turing Award winner 2012
  • Senior executives from ENEL, Corning, Deutsche Telekom, H&M, Medtronic, MUFG and Heng Hiap Industries
  • The European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth
  • Academics from University of California, Berkeley; Harvard Business School; and the Pontifical Gregorian University
  • Venture capital firm a16z
  • First ever Time Kid of the Year 2020
  • Capgemini’s own subject matter experts

Our conversations explore the most relevant aspects of innovation for organizations, including how the right culture can cultivate innovation as well as innovation in the area of sustainability. We also look at emerging technologies, such as synthetic biology, the metaverse, quantum tech, blockchain, and more.

To read more about innovation today and how it is transforming industries, download the report.

The Capgemini Research Institute spoke to Francesco and Aiman to understand their views on innovation, its role in building a sustainable future, and how organizations can build an innovation culture.

The invention of CRISPR-CAS9 is changing the course of biology and medicine. The Capgemini Research Institute spoke to Dr.Jennifer Doudna, co-inventor and Nobel Prize laureate on this exciting technology, its prospects and women in science.

Technologists these days start young. And no one more famous than Gitanjali Rao, inventor and TIME Magazine Kid of the year 2020. The Capgemini Research Institute spoke to Gitanjali on how innovation has no minimum age and the expectations of the next generation.

Don’t stagnate, innovate!

Discover the latest innovation perspectives from experts in business, science, faith and politics.

Perspectives from Capgemini

Pascal Brier, Group Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini

Mike Dunkley, SVP Bioinovation, and Karen Weisinger, PhD. Head of cell biology, US, Cambridge Consultants,
part of Capgemini Invent

Elisa Farri and Gabriele Rosani from The Management Lab by Capgemini Invent 

Insights from the Capgemini Research Institute

What’s the Big Idea? Why most innovations fail to scale and what to do about it.

How to prepare your organization for a quantum advantage now.

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