Research & Innovation

Innovation takes stamina

Creating value means making a difference on people and the planet. It’s not about going after everything but focusing with intensity on a compelling experience that starts as a new idea/thinking or business model then going to broader adoption.

We explore the future of industries with 6 Research & Innovation programs.

Our Research & Innovation programs are business accelerators that help clients with high-intensity R&D to prove out the value of incremental and disruptive technologies by pioneering engagements built around recognizable assets. Clients go further, faster and to places they would not necessarily go alone.​

  • Future of mobility

Accelerate the future of flight, multi-modal transport, shared mobility and last mile logistics by realizing the vision of safer, collaborative and autonomous vehicles for sustainable urban super cities.

  • Future of networks & compute

Help companies eliminate the constraints on compute, network and storage for the next generation of immersive experiences and look forward to the final frontier of the space economy.

  • Future of healthcare

Develop technology platforms for pharmacogenomics, digital therapeutics and predictive medicine that revolutionize the way we cure & treat disease by considering variability in genes, life-styles & response to therapies.

  • Future of industry

Capture the benefits of sensing, connectivity and decision making on the edge to boost productivity and revenue growth across every industry.

  • Future of engineering

Disrupt the way we innovate on products and protect the planet by taking into account parameter complexity, autonomous systems, everything-as-a-service & systems of systems.

  • Applied AI

Thoughtfully apply data-science and machine learning technologies to scale industry-specific problems in precision medicine, autonomous systems, aerospace simulations and industrial automation.

We help our clients thrive in all possible futures


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